A record 640,332 citizens engaged in past month!


Fauci: "You can't rely on models." American people: "Huh:?

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is real! Just ask Pelosi.

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New "God Bless America" item for ANY AMOUNT!

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Economy will be a "Smoking Hole In The Ground," important COVID news out of New York, and more (CounterDrudge 4/3/20)

Economy will be a "smoking hole in the ground," key news out of NYC and other coronavirus headlines the MSM and even Drudge might not report in Grassfire's CounterDrudge report. Go here for more: https://www.grassfire.com/coronavirus_counterdrudge

Posted by Stand With Liberty on Friday, April 3, 2020

Visit today's CounterDrudge for the stories and references.

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Tell Pelosi: "Shame on you!" In the midst of a national crisis, the Speaker has launched ANOTHER Witch Hunt!

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New York Coronavirus Data Confirms EVERYTHING about age and condition of victims, meaning it's time for a more targeted strategy

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Challenging Bill Gates, Explaining Antibody Testing, and Where is the age data? (CounterDrudge for April 2)

Why Bill Gates is WRONG on all three points, the importance of antibody testing, and. more on today's "CounterDrudge" coronavirus headlines. Access all the stories here: https://www.grassfire.com/coronavirus_counterdrudge

Posted by Stand With Liberty on Thursday, April 2, 2020


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Pelosi using crisis to push far-Left agenda

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Why Bill Gates Is Wrong On All Three Points

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