Stand With Grassfire And Together We Stand Watch For America!

We are facing an unprecedented effort by radical activist to destroy America and re-write our history. We the People MUST push back against the corrupt D.C. Establishment and DRAIN THE SWAMP in our nation's capitol!

This bold action will only happen if patriotic citizens band together in a massive grassroots effort that demands nothing less. Grassfire is spearheading a national, online campaign to bring together individuals and organizations united behind the one goal of draining the swamp!

Your support will help Drain It!

We envision a truly nationwide, grassroots DRAIN THE SWAMP movement that spreads this important message through email, social media and the internet to put D.C. on notice. You can let lawmakers know that fed-up Americans are watching their every move with eagle's eyes!

But in order to network hundreds of thousands of citizens, build the necessary online infrastructure, and take this message directly to our nation's leaders, we urgently need YOUR HELP! Grassfire can ONLY pursue these DRAIN THE SWAMP efforts if we receive an outpouring of support from our team members NOW!

The Establishment has FAILED and the Swamp must be drained! If you can help Grassfire by making a contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we’ll send you two of our exclusive DRAIN THE SWAMP ReStickers!

Receive two "Drain the Swamp" ReStickers for ANY CONTRIBUTION to help Grassfire stay on track!


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