317,004 citizens engaged in past month! (UP 18%)

Over the past 30 days, 317,004 citizens have engaged with Grassfire updates (UP 18%)! Get connected here! Go here for more on team activity:

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Shocking testimony on Google

Yesterday during a Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee hearing, an expert witness gave shocking testimony of Google's oversided influence on the 2016 presidential election.

The expert witness -- Dr. Robert Epstein -- has been studying Google's use of technology to influence elections. His conclusion is that Google swayed MILLIONS of votes in favor of Hillary Clinton. On the actual number of votes Google manipulated, Epstein said:

 “The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes depending on how aggressive they were in using the techniques that I’ve been studying, such as the search engine manipulation effect, the search suggestion effect, the answer bot effect, and a number of others. They control these and no one can counteract them. These are not competitive. These are tools that they have at their disposal exclusively.”

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Mike Rowe: America "losing its mind"

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe had some strong words for NIKE:

Why would anyone in their right mind support Nike after this latest round of nonsense? Why would any public company with an image to protect take advice from an athlete? How can our attention be sucked up by people with nothing better to do than complain about fireworks and tanks on the fourth of July? Our country seems be losing its mind.

We are just a FEW HUNDRED signers away from our initial "SAY NO TO NIKE" petition. We want to send Nike a strong message early next week. Go here to add your name WITH ONE CLICK, and see below for more details.


P.S. See full petition language at the end of this message and click here to SIGN WITH ONE CLICK:

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Update: House Passes Green Card "Giveaway"

Yesterday afternoon, the House -- with bipartisan support from Republicans -- passed the H.R. 1044 "Green Card Giveaway."

As expected, the bill was passed with no notice of the impending vote, no committee hearings, no "vetting" by the normal legislative process. From the outset, Grassfire's greatest concern with the bill was the PROCESS, that such a significant change in our immigration law was passed through a backroom deal. The bill also doesn't move us closer to a true merit-based immigration system that only selects the best and the brightest in fields where America needs jobs. This is the best approach for our nation and American workers.

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Pelosi: Trump wants to "make America white again"

They can't help themselves.

The Left can't address any issue related to President Trump without race-baiting.

So it happened again on Monday...

In responding to a question about President Trump's desire to include a question on citizenship in the 2020 Census, House Speaker Pelosi said, of course, it's all about bigotry:

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ALERT: Republicans OK sneaking through giveaway vote?


Last night, the Pelosi House -- in league with GOP members -- did NOT vote on the Green Card "Giveaway." But it is becoming more and more apparent that members of Congress do not want any attention given to this vote!

With the vote now possibly taking place TODAY, Republican leaders are ducking any and all questions on H.R.1044. For example, Breitbart reports that the Republican Study Committee "ignored the imminent green-card vote" in its weekly briefing of key legislative items.

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ALERT: VOTE TODAY on Green Card Giveaway

Yesterday Grassfire learned that the House is FAST-TRACKING a dramatic change in our immigration system -- and the vote is scheduled for LATER TODAY.

The bill -- HR 1044 -- marks a major shift in how green cards are distributed. This shift moves away from the current system that assigns limits by nation and will shift 300,000 green cards to select countries (primarily India) that analysts say highly favor Silicon Valley businesses. Analysts say the bill could have a negative effect on American workers, especially recent college graduates who are being forced to compete with lower-wage foreign workers.

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Citizens OVERWHELMINGLY support Trump on Census (poll results)

Even we were SHOCKED by the results of our poll...

With more than 12,500 Grassfire team members taking part in our Opinion Poll on including the Citizenship question in the 2020 Census, MORE THAN 98% OF YOU AGREED WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Of course, the Left-Wing media would have us believe that most Americans oppose the President... and that he is a xenophobe for wanting to include the question of citizenship on the Census. But the fact is, the U.S. Census has historically asked about naturalization and citizenship until OBAMA removed the question from the decennial census on 2010. Now President Trump is being attacked for wanting to include the question!

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Get the flag NIKE banned!

Ever since NIKE banned the iconic Betsy Ross flag, patriotic Americans have been pushing back and reclaiming our roots! Thousands of Grassfire team members have signed our JUST SAY NO TO NIKE petition. 

That's why Grassfire has created a special Betsy Ross ReSticker 3-PAK -- including our super-sized 10x8 "JUST FLY IT" ReSticker and two iconic 13-Star "Betsy Ross" Flag ReStickers.

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Survey: Americans losing pride in... America!

Gallup just released its annual survey on American Pride and the results are revealing...

First, in the nearly 20 years that Gallup has conducted this survey, American pride has never been lower. This is undoubtedly almost entirely due to the Democrats' total hatred of President Trump which then translates into a lack of pride in our country. This year, just 22% of Democrats say they are "extremely proud" of America -- down 50% from 2016.

But here's the most revealing part of the Gallup survey...

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