We're still deeply disturbed about last week's Spending and Border SELLOUT that 125 RINOs in Congress made happen.

24 Senate RINOs and 101 House RINOs worked in lockstep WITH NEARLY 100% OF DEMOCRATS to pass yet another outrageous spending bill that exceeded Nancy Pelosi's spending levels and SOLD OUT OUR NATION AT OUR BORDER.

+ + Details of the Border SELLOUT...

Every day, we're learning more and more about how horrible that 1,000+ page spending monstrosity was. The RINOs don't want you to know that their SELLOUT:

  • Provides $650 MILLION to NGOs and state/local governments who are helping to traffic illegals entering our country;

  • Spends an additional $2.2 BILLION to expedite illegal "asylum" seekers processing so the illegals can more quickly get to your home town;

  • Includes over $90 MILLION for "refugee resettlement" -- another open door for a flood of illegals;

  • Funds the "One App" that facilitates illegals TO BE FLOWN from foreign countries directly to our communities;

  • NOT ONE CENT FOR THE BORDER WALL! As the Democrats bragged, "the bill does not include funding for wasteful border barriers."

  • Instead, the SELLOUT takes money previously authorized for a border wall and redirects those funds to "support environmental mitigation necessary due to the destructive impacts of border barrier construction on border communities." 

  • Funds something called "the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties that work to continue improving accountability and transparency for immigration detention."

+ + Chip Roy fumes:  NOTHING to secure our border...

And there's not ONE DOLLAR to actually secure our border. As Rep. Chip Roy said...

“This bill does not include ONE SINGLE POLICY necessary to secure the border!”


"You're gonna get more funding for more border patrol agents to process more illegal aliens who are overrunning our border, overrunning our cities, overrunning, our hospitals, overrunning our jails, overrunning our schools, driving mass crime into our communities."

+ + Action: Send a message to RINO SELLOUTS -- Just $7!

We're tired of RINOs getting away with their backroom deals with Democrats that destroy our nation and SELL OUT OUR OWN BORDER!

So we created a NEW FAXFIRE that specifically targets the Senate and House SELLOUT RINOs so you can send them a message letting them know you are outraged.

And here's the best news...

We've slashed the price to just $7 to reach the Senate RINO Sellouts and just $30 to reach the House RINO Sellouts!

This is more than a 50% discount!

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, would you take three minutes right now to send these RINO SELLOUTS a message letting them know how you feel about their BETRAYAL of our nation and their SELLOUT of our own border?  Go here now:

I'm hoping at least 250 Grassfire team members will take action in the net 48 hours.

One final thing...

Would you please share this update with concerned patriots? Simply forward this email or use the share tools below.

Thanks for the stand you are taking!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. Here's a meme that perfectly depicts what these two spending sellouts did:


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