Welcome to Grassfire...

...one of the largest and most impactful grassroots conservative networks in the nation with more than 2.5 million people being reached through web, email and social media. Grassfire team members have been impacting the key issue of our day for more than 15 years, with millions of petitions and hundreds of thousands of direct citizen contacts through phone, fax and email.

But what makes Grassfire unique from just about every other network, organization or website in the conservative space is one simple thing -- we're all about expanding your impact. There's no massive hierarchy or corporate or organizational structure here. Instead, from our first emails that we sent to a few friends who in turn ignited the very first "grassfire" to everything we're doing today, our goal is to give you the information and tools so you can impact our nation. That's because we know who the real heroes are in this great drama to save and restore our nation... YOU! We want Grassfire to be a resource that makes you more effective in standing for our God-given liberties.

This year, we're bringing new tools to our Grassfire team. And we're expanding our vision of what this powerful network can do as we connect better so that we can help make our nation great again around the core ideals of liberty and limited government.

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to join this vibrant and growing team that is igniting a grassfire of liberty across the land!

Thanks in advance!

Steve Elliott, Founder, Grassfire

P.S. Want a bit more background on Grassfire, including how the first sparks were ignited? Go here to read my story.

(with my wonderful wife, Stacy)

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