Everyone has a story...

And that story connects with the very essence of who we are. It's a story of our triumphs and our failures. It's a story of what causes our hearts to move. It's a story that, when we reflect on it, is somehow bigger than us. The sum is somehow greater than the parts. 

No matter how much you planned your life, your story is somewhere beyond that plan. It's amazing how God colors "outside the lines" to make an amazing portrait of our days... our story.

So this is a piece of my story. Not necessarily the most important part (see picture above for a glimpse of a far more significant piece of my life story). But important nonetheless.

It started almost back in the last Millennium. I was trying to understand my world and find that niche where I could see my skills as a communicator and my training in the political sphere meld together into something significant. In a practical sense, I was trying to answer this question...

What will I tell my grandkids when they ask me, "Grandpa, what did you do during the Internet revolution?"

It's fascinating what will inspire us to take action! As I was watching some news report on some twentysomething who was changing the world through some dot-com, it was as if I actually heard the voice of one of my future grandkids posing that question. I imagined that they had just learned about the dawning of the Internet in history class and wanted to know what their grandpa was doing at that time.

Well, at that time, I was writing marketing brochures and direct mail letters! And I tried to imagine telling my future grandkids about how I missed the greatest technological transformation of my lifetime.

And it got me thinking...

How can I utilize this thing called the "Internet" to connect grassroots conservatives around issues and action to have an impact on our world? Could I find a way to bring people together with tools and resources in such a way that they felt as if their voice in the debate was being heard? And if I did that, would they, in turn, share these tools with their friends and... just perhaps... ignite a grassroots grassfire that would impact our nation!

And that's how Grassfire was birthed. 

And it happened just like... a grassfire! I was privileged to partner with two amazing men who built the backbone for our innovative system, and in less than 45 days, we went from zero to 100,000 people — all through the power of the viral tools of the Internet. Over the years, through this incredible network we call Grassfire, we've partnered with millions of citizens on some of the most amazing online grassroots efforts in history...

Grassfire team members helped save the Scouts (before they later walked away from their principles)

We were on the leading edge of tackling the issue of illegal immigration and rallied hundreds of thousands of citizens for our "Stop The Invasion" campaign that saw huge bilboards and TV spots extend from coast to coast.

We launched the first resistance movement almost immediately after Barack Obama's first election, built one of the first social networks of patriots who stood together against the Obama regime, and then helped build the early stages of the Tea Party movement.

We took on ObamaCare and helped rally one of the largest grassroots responses in history to the congressional debate over the bill's passage. Over Obama's eight years in office, we were among the leaders in exposing his agenda, including several books published by Grassfire for this purpose.

We stood strong for liberty and limited government when the GOP RINO's were "play fighting" against Obama without really putting up much resistance. Our work exposed the RINOs and set the stage for the next Citizen Revolt...

A year before the 2016 elections, Grassfire was already in print predicting that grassroots conservatives would choose an outsider candidate or President, and we specifically named President Trump as that candidate.

All along the way, we've tried to tell the "story" of the real heroes in this drama... citizens like you who, without much fanfare, get up every day and take care of business -- the business of your families, your careers, your churches, your communities and your nation. You don't march much in the streets. You don't complain on CNN. You don't demand all the entitlements of the Nanny State. You are just faithful. 

In summary, it's been my honor to have some role in bringing this Grassfire team together. It's been an amazing ride, but the ride isn't over! And the story is not yet completed!

That's why I'm so thrilled to be launching the new Grassfire, which in many ways is a fulfillment of our hopes and dreams to create a citizen network that is focused on empowering you to have a greater impact. These days demand better tools and better resources. It is my hope... it is my prayer... that Grassfire will be a little part of the solution for you as you seek to help make our nation great again, and help ensure that Liberty's story is told for generations to come.

For Liberty,

Steve Elliott
(above with my wife, Stacy)

P.S. I'd love to get your feedback on my story below, and learn a bit more about yours. We created a special community blog for Grassfire team members to share a bit of their story. Go here to share your story.

P.P.S. Really want to learn more about how I like to communicate my stories? Click through on a few of the Prezis I've made. I use Prezi as a platform for sharing ideas in groups, often in church. Most are serious. All are fun. Go here.

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