What happened in New York?

If you've been on social media, you may have noticed a tsunami of sorts in the counter reaction to New York's new law the formally legalizes abortion right to the moment of live birth.

On its face, the law essentially codifies in the New York code what Roe v. Wade made legal 46 years ago -- legalized abortion on demand during the entire pregnancy. Yet this law has outraged and engaged pro-life citizens like few things in many, many years.

Why has the New York law lit a grassroots fire? A few reasons:

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Tucker Carlson Makes Sense

This is the best piece I've read/seen in a long time. Do yourself a favor and watch or read Tucker Carlson's monologue on what's really happening in our nation. (If video doesn't appear, click here.)

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Is there still a "sunrise side" of the mountain?

The witch hunt and mockery of a confirmation process that Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the entire nation have been forced to endure may have you wondering....

Is there hope for America?

+ + The sunrise side of the mountain

As I watched this debacle of a public lynching unfold, I was reminded of something Judge Kavanaugh said during his opening statement at the outset of the hearings. Here's what he said:

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Is Trump A Superhero?

I've been thinking about this for a while...

Is President Trump a superhero? Or at least, is he playing the role of a superhero?

I know the heads of our liberal friends are already exploding, so let me explain my thinking. First, consider the key characteristics of a superhero:

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Could this case overturn Roe?

The 11th Circuit Court ruled 3-0 that an Alabama law banning dismemberment abortions is unconstitutional. But before the pro-abortion advocates claim victory, you might want to read what the Chief Judge was actually saying because this opinion could set the stage for the Supreme Court to tip the scales of this debate in favor of unborn life.

Here's why this is the case that could overturn (or tip the scales on) Roe as soon as next year...

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Socialism on the rise

Gallup recently released a new survey that found, for the first time, that Democrats have a more favorable opinion of socialism than capitalism.

The survey is jolting, or at least it should be. According to Gallup, 57% of Democrats now have a favorable view of socialism, while just 47% view capitalism favorably. But the big change over the eight years that Gallup has conducted this survey reveals the real nature of the ideological shift in our land.

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Our divide in numbers

We can all feel the growing partisan divide in our nation. And "partisan" isn't really the correct term. It's really an ideological divide that expresses itself in many ways, including politics.

The divide is evident all around us. We see it on television. We feel it in social media. It is inescapable. It seems every issue has become a "wedge" issue that divides us into two groups that are moving further and further apart.

But rarely do we get to see the divide in raw data, like we did this week...

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A song in the night

Have you ever heard a song in the night? How about in a "night season" when it seems there is no song to be heard?

I've been facing some challenges lately. These challenges are "common to man" and certainly pale in comparison to what many others are facing. But they are challenges nonetheless.

And as a result, I find something happening that doesn't make me feel very comfortable...

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The true genius of Trump

This week, immediately after making a historic nomination for the Supreme Court, President Trump departed for Europe and the next phase of his DEFENDING AMERICA AGAIN campaign.

Can you remember the days of Obama and his endless "apology" tours around the world? What a difference with President Trump in the White House! The President is calling out our NATO allies for their unwillingness to pay their fair share to defend western civilization. Then he headed to England with some stern words for the Prime Minister who has weakened Brexit. Trump even noted that Europe is "losing" because uncontrolled immigration is "changing the culture."

Again.... just try to imagine any other American leader making such statements! And herein lies the true genius of Trump

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The day America decided to win

As I celebrated Independence Day with my family yesterday, an interesting thought struck me...

Why don't we celebrate September 3 as our Independence Day?

After all, that was the day that the Treaty of Paris was signed, formally ending the War for Independence. That was the day we won the battle for independence. So why not celebrate September the Third? The answer reveals an important aspect of what it means to be an American.

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