Use the BRAVE browser for a faster, safer, more private Internet experience AND help Grassfire as you web surf!

We found an easy way for you to support Grassfire AT NO COST TO YOU when you use the Internet. Plus, you'll get a better, faster, safer and more private web experience that frees you from BIG TECH!

It's called the BRAVE web browser.

Our team switched to Brave and we LOVE it! Brave is a BETTER browser than Google Chrome. It is faster and  blocks THOUSANDS of ads on websites. In just a few months, the Brave browser blocked OVER 200,000 ads and trackers for one of our Grassfire staffers:

+ + Better web browsing AND help Grassfire!

In addition to a better web browsing experience that is FREE of thousands of ads (and doesn't give your web browsing history to Big Brother Google), you can actually support Grassfire JUST BY USING THE INTERNET!

In just one month, one of our team members was able to send a "tip" back to Grassfire of $4.90 from the "rewards" earned simply for using Brave! If just 10% of the Grassfire team used Brave, we could dramatically increase the reach of Grassfire's efforts to promote liberty and limited government.

And the Brave Browser is better, faster, safer, and more private -- and takes just seconds to get started. In fact, we were able to bring over all of our Chrome bookmarks so we didn't skip a beat switching to Brave!

+ + Three easy steps to switch to Brave and help Grassfire!

Step #1 -- Download and install BraveIt takes just seconds to get started.

Step #2 -- Join Brave Rewards. After you install Brave, simply click the TRIANGLE icon to the right of the browser window and follow the directions.

IMPORTANT -- In order to earn rewards while you are browsing choose turn ON Brave Ads and turn OFF "auto-contribute." 

Step #3 -- Send a "tip" to Grassfire! 

Because Grassfire is a "Verified Brave Creator" website, as you accumulate rewards, you can leave Grassfire a "tip." Simply go to, click on the triangle to the right of the browser window, and leave us a tip.

Remember... it costs you NOTHING to use Brave, you'll get a better, more private browsing experience, AND you can help Grassfire simply by surfing the web!

Thanks so much!