Here are some of our best #itobragncfis of all time...

Here at Grassfire, sometimes we feel like the canary in the coal mine... We look ahead at what's coming in order to sound the alarm to the patriots in advance of the battle.

What is an "itobragncfi"?
More often than not, we get it right -- days, weeks or even months ahead of the pundit class. At times, we precisely get it right. One day when this happened, one of our staffers said, "I'm tired of being right and getting no credit for it." And that's when #itobragncfi was born.

Pronounced "EE-tow-brag-NICK-fee," this acronym is heard amongst our staff whenever something in the news confirms something we've been shouting from the housetops for quite some time. Here are some of our most memorable itobragnicfs...

  • 99.995%
    • In May 2020 at the outset of the covid shutdown, we produced a video report called "Free Our Kids" that called for children to immediately be returned to normal schooling. One of our main points of evidence was the 99.995% covid survival rate for children. Fast forward to July 2021 and researchers in the UK ascertained that the covid survival rate or child is... you guessed it... 99.995%. #itobragncfi. Here's how we reported it on LibertyNEWS:
    •  Covid Risk of death in children? .005%
      • Some 99.995% of the 469,982 children in England who were infected during the year examined by researchers survived, one study found.
      • LN -- since that is based on 'known" cases and we can safely estimate at least 2x more kids actually got infected, the real IFR of children is even smaller; .002% perhaps?
      • Back in May 2020, we published a video, "Free Our Kids," in which we were already precisely projecting this same VERY, VERY LOW fatality rate of covid in children of .005%. Where did we get this data back in May 2020? From the CDC website. #itobragncfi
  • CDC emails confirm CDC changed definition of "vaccine", removing the word "immunity"
    • 7/15/22: LN-itobragncfi! (I'm (we're) tired of being right and getting no credit for it). LibertyNEWS reported this ALMOST A YEAR AGO:
        • Original Definition: Vaccine– “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.”
        • New COVID RESET definition: Vaccine– “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”
        • Also.... remember that  Webster's had to change definition of "vaccine" to make covid jab fit
      • 9/24/21: "LN--First, they are admitting the jab isn't a "vaccine" in the traditional sense of the word (remember, they changed the definition of "vaccine" to fit the covid jab). It doesn't protect against infection but they argue it protects against severe disease. Well, for MOST people -- almost ALL healthy people under 70 -- just getting covid doesn't involve severe disease. So the jab is really a pre-therapeautic that has proven to have more complications than any other vaccine in recorded history. Second, of course, they must resort to blaming the unjabbed. We will see. If the U.S. follows the path of Israel, they will soon be blaming those who haven't been triple jabbed (No jabs bad, two jabs good; two jabs good, three jabs better; three jabs good, two jabs bad).
  • itobragncfis during the Obama years
    • Beginning shortly after Obama's election, Grassfire stood on the leading edge of the battle to defend our country from a socialist onslaught. We launched a patriotic resistance movement that rallied hundreds of thousands and then worked to expose the Obama lies. Here are just a few of our itobragncfis from the Obama years:
      • We were RIGHT on ObamaCare.
      • We were RIGHT on Benghazi being a Hillary Clinton cover-up involving gun-running to Syria.
      • We were RIGHT on Barack Obama's "hate America" foreign policy betrayal, including the former president's open targeting of Israel as part of his effort to radicalize the Middle East with a bogus "Arab Spring."
      • We were RIGHT in exposing the radical nature of Obama's connections.
      • We were RIGHT on the Iran Deal... and TPP... and the Paris Accord... and the Keystone Pipeline... and the bogus global-warming catastrophe.
      • We were RIGHT on the "Hillary For Prison" scandals — her treasonous email scandal, the pay-for-play scandal, the Uranium One scandal, the fake-Russian-dossier scandal. Years ago, we said she should be in jail, and we were right!
      • We were RIGHT to stand for "America First" (even before candidate Trump coined the phrase) and demand that our political representatives consider the values and interests of our country ABOVE those of other countries.
      • And sadly, we were RIGHT on the RINO GOP leadership's repeated "play fight and surrender" betrayal of the movement; how Republicans pretended to put up a resistance only to fold time and time again.
  • Trump will win in 2016
    • While others (especially mainstream Republicans) were panning Donald Trump's candidacy, Grassfire's connection with hundreds of thousands of grassroots patriotic conservatives told us a different story. In 2015, we could sense that a "patriotic revolt" was brewing that would likely sweep out the old leadership and bring in new leadership. In December 2015 -- before any GOP primary votes had been cast -- Grassfire published a book entitled, "Revolt: Why Trump or another outsider will win." (Grassfire VIPs can access the ebook version here.) Certainly one of the earliest books in print predicting Trump's win, the cover depicted a raised fist wrapped in a flag. Here are a few words from that book predicting an outsider victory:
      • "What we see transpiring in American politics, and specifically the GOP presidential race, is a protest by the silent majority of mainstream Republican voters who feel disenfranchised by the political process. But this raised fist is different. Patriotic citizens are not raising their fists against our nation or its heritage or the Constitution. Instead, we are raising our fists on behalf of this great nation and its heritage and legacy of liberty under law. ”
    • The rest, as they say, is history. On election night, patriotic Americans watched their revolt unfold as Trump won while the GOP establishment almost couldn't stand the victory. Doubt us? Watch this interchange between RINO Karl Rove (who did and still does hate Trump) and the rising star Tucker Carlson. #itobragncfi
  • Trump will win in 2020
    • For nearly three months, our staff provided to Grassfire VIPs an almost daily chronicle of why President Trump would win re-election. We started saying Trump would win at the depths of the pandemic scare and the BLM revolt that left most assuming Trump would lose.  Trump was way behind in the polls and being left for dead by the pundits. But we saw a different trend. We saw a resilient Trump who was standing stronger and stronger for America and American values while Joe hid in the basement. You can read our "Trump will win" diary here.
    • But, you say, Trump didn't win. How can this be an #itobragncfi? We're glad you asked! Step back for a second from the final "results" of the presidential race and you will see that, against all odds, Trump and patriotic Americans did, in fact, win...
      • First of all, President Trump gained more LEGAL VOTES than any incumbent president in our history -- about 8 million more votes than Obama in 2012. Second, conservatives made significant gains in the House of Representatives. Despite all the predictions of a "blue wave," the GOP actually picked up about a dozen seats in the House. Also, the GOP dominated the 2020 elections at the state level, especially in races that determine redistricting. Plus, the Left spent MILLIONS in its effort to flip key statehouses in swing states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Iowa, Minnesota, Florida and Michigan. They lost in ALL these key states. The GOP actually gained one statehouse.
    • What about Trump v. Joe? It's obvious to any honest observer that the Left engineered the result of the presidential election. They openly used the pandemic shutdown to change the way elections happen. Truth be told, Joe actually trailed Obama's results everywhere except in the key precincts which turned the election. And the ongoing audits certainly will, if nothing else, create even more reason to bring sanity back to our voting laws.
    • We think history will show that Trump and the People did win 2020. After the election, we even went on record predicting that the Left's engineering of the 2020 election would actually boomerang back on them and extend the Trump hegemony to 12+ years. Read it here. #itobragncfi
  • "Stop the Invasion"