Here's a summary of our "Why Trump Will Win" briefings for our VIPs...

Here are Grassfire's VIP "Why Trump Will Win" Daily Briefings. For the full Daily VIP News Digest, go here.

November 2 -- 1 day

  • As we've been reporting for two months, all the momentum is with President Trump. If you doubted that, take stock in what happened this past weekend. Hundreds of thousands at schedules rallies, and hundreds of thousands more at spontaneous gatherings and "trains" across the country. Iowa shifted 7 points in Trump's favor in a month. We suspect the closing argument is moving the needle across the swing states. Trump won the weekend. Trump will win Monday. Trump will win Tuesday.

October 31 -- 3 days

  • If momentum matters... If physical presence in the battleground states matters... If crowds matter... If all the signs of a counter-revolt against the manipulative tactics of the media/social media blackout of the truth matter... If the polls that called 2016 correctly matter... If hard work matters... and if enough Americans still believe in America and freedom and law and order... then Trump wins.

October 30 -- 4 days

  • Even Joe Scarborough had to admit that the Q3 economic numbers were historic and unprecedented. Plus, THOUSANDS showed up for the Trump Tampa rally while it rained on Joe's Tampa drive-in. And the polls... tightening! Trump wins the day

October 29 -- 5 days

  • Why will Trump win? Momentum. Today, both Trump and Biden will be in Tampa and the media will have an opportunity to compare and contrast They won't, but the American people will bypass the liberal media and see that Trump has all the momentum. Despite the media's blackout of the Biden Crime Family revelations, the news is leaking out. The rallies are impacting not only those who attend, but those who are witnessing from afar. Yesterday, an hour prior to a Trump rally appearance, 50,000 were watching online for the RSBN broadcast. 
  • The three polls that predicted Trump's victory (USC, Trafalgar, Rasmussen) are tracking with the same trends and the same numbers or a Trump victory. And it's all because of grassroots momentum. Today, Trump will hold two more rallies. He will win more votes today that Biden. Trump wins the day.

October 27 -- 7 days

  • Joe emerged unexpectedly from the basement. He didn't travel too far and barely answered just a few questions. And he wasn't 100% sure if yesterday was the day ACB was getting confirmed (it was). And what's Trump's name again?
  • Meantime President Trump held 3 rallies in PA; with three more today, and Lara Trump saying they will expand the schedule to five per day.And we woke up to news of more violent riots from BLM, this time in Philadelphia. As one person on twitter said," I see BLM is campaigning for Trump in Philadelphia Pennsylvania tonight." Trump wins the day.

October 23 -- 11 days

  • If you could have asked the Trump Team to imagine a debate in which Joe Biden called for the end of the oil industry, stood tall on amnesty for 11 million illegals, defended the job-killing doubling of the minimum wage, stumbled over the Bide Crime Family questions, and pushed for more ventilation for our schools to fight COVID in stumbling for a plan, they would have thought such a result might be impossible. But there it was. And there was the President -- strong and forceful, yet respectful of the process. Even Megyn Kelly said Trump won. And so Biden heads back into hiding while the Presidents heads out to win votes. Trump wins the day.

October 22 -- 12 days

  • The polls continue to tighten and every day we ask the same question -- does the REAL EVIDENCE from the grassroots actually matter? Does it matter that 75k Latinos joined a car parade over the weekend, and observers in Iowa have NEVER seen this much grassroots enthusiasm, and every Trump rally has 20k plus in attendance, and the state polls are tightening? 
  • And what about the Hunter emails? The Left's ruse that this is some Russia hack is now exposed as ridiculous. We now have a party to the Biden Crime Family deals saying that Joe definitely is the "big guy" mentioned who gets 10%. 
  • We say it all matters. It all adds up to Trump narrowing the gap and moving ahead in swing states. So what should the President do in tonight's debate? We offer no advice. Just be Trump. Being Trump is what got 75k Latinos to join a car rally and countless millions to join boat and car parades and rallies despite the protestations of the Covid Fearmongers. Suburban soccer moms aren't running to the polls to vote Trump and save America. It's a new generation of American patriots who are getting on board the Trump Train -- Latinos, Blacks, small business owners, gun owners, and people who want their kids is school and their lives back. So just be Trump. And let the cards fall.

October 20 -- 14 days

  • Despite their best efforts, they just can't kill the Biden Crime Family story. Axios is reporting that the NYPost expose is far and away the most popular Trump-Biden topic on social media. Of course, you won't find it on CNN and the BidenMedia, but that doesn't matter. The eiection isn't about persuading voters, it's all about motivation. And the Biden Crime Family story further motivates Trump voters.
  • With Biden "calling a lid" on the entire week leading up to the now-rigged debate, he is giving Trump the entire week. Two events yesterday in AZ. Another today in PA. The groundswell cointinues to build and the polling numbers are tightening. Trafalgar says Trump will win, with PA the one place Dems could steal the state and steal the election. We think with 12 days remaining, Trump will win PA. And he will build a "firewall" against Dem cheating with wins in NH, NV, and MN. 

October 19 -- 15 days

  • Biden "put a lid" on the entire week after taking the day off Sunday. Even Jake Tapper has had enough, asking "Where was Joe Biden yesterday?" and calling his efforts "the opposite of the word 'tireless.'" The media is getting nervous. Even the 4th Branch of the Biden campaign team is having trouble believing their own Gaslighting Polls when all the evidence "on the ground" indicates Trump has the momentum and is building on that momentum. And then there's Hunter...
  • While the Left tries the very tired "Russia conspiracy" angle, all the evidence indicated the computer really was Hunter's. FoxNews independently confirmed key information. A Hunter associate flipped and confirmed. A Hunter lawyer recently contacted the computer repair shop. And the DNI says this is not Russia. Even if the media will not ask Joe, the stain is out there for everyone to see.
  • So while Team Trump works tirelessly to win voters, Biden is trying to run out the clock, hiding until the debate. Trump wins the weekend.

October 16 -- 18 days

  • Dear "Why Trump Will Win" Diary, Every day it gets harder and harder to write out why Trump will win. Not because the fundamentals I've been examining have changed in Biden's favor. Rather, because the "Gaslighting" of the Left is unrelenting. Every day, I wake up and the radical Left tells me what I see isn't real. Take, for example, the Hunter Biden emails. Nobody on the Left (most importantly the Bidens) is flat-out denying the veracity of the emails. Instead they commend Twitter and Facebook for blocking the stories as proof the emails are fake. We have a VIDEO of Joe Biden's quid pro quo on Ukraine and now we have email confirmation of the deed. But the Gaslighters just keep telling me not to believe what I'm seeing. Instead, believe the polls. Believe the Elites. Believe the Lords of Silicon Valley.
  • I refuse. Because it's not necessary that the Post's Hunter Biden exposes convince everyone to vote for Trump -- just enough on the margins who are wondering about Sneaky Joe. And get this -- I've been told that Democrats will overwhelm the early voting race, but data out of key swing states indicates GOP voters are holding their own. Huh? And then there's the GOP's data from Trump rallies. Almost half of those in attendance in Des MOins were NOT Republicans and 25% did not vote in 2016. The Gaslighters are telling me that MILLIONS will come out of the woodwork to get rid of the Orange Man! But RALLY ATTENDEES for Trump -- a highly motivated group -- are half swing or new voters!
  • Don't believe your eyes, they keep saying. Believe us. 
  • I refuse. Trump wins another day.

October 10 -- 22 days

  • As American Thinker notes, if you hold a Biden rally and nobody shows, did you hold a rally? Nobody showed for a Biden-Harris event in AZ. Maybe that was the plan. but when you compare that scene to 30,000 vehicles lined up on Miami for an anti-communism (pro-Trump) car event, you have to ask yourself...
  • Is the liberal media intentionally GASLIGHTING the entire nation by promoting Biden-landslide polls while everything we "see around us tells us that, at least, the race is close and it sure feels like Trump is winning? Our guess is that they are gaslighting. When polled, 49% say their neighbor is voting for Trump, and a strong majority (56-60%) think Trump will win. 
  • So despite the Left's protests, the President heads back out on the campaign trail today, saying he will campaign every day till the election. Plus, expect any remaining "October Surprises" will break the President's way -- attacks on Barrett, more ObamaGate revelations, a Saudi-Israel peace deal announcement.  Trump wins the weekend.

October 9 -- 25 days

  • A very revealing Gallup poll provides the best evidence that Trump's support is and will be much greater than the media is letting on. Ever since Reagan framed the 1980 presidential race by asking Americans, "Are you better off than you were four years ago," Gallup has been asking the question each election cycle. The four prior years in which an incumbent was up or reelection and Gallup asked the question, the percentages were 44% (Reagan), 38% (Bush), 47% (Bush W), and 45% (Obama). Trump's number? 56%. And that's down from 61% pre-covid.
  • So today, the President re-launches his public campaign for reelection with a prime-time interview with Tucker Carlson. He's been cleared for in-person rallies and says he'll be in Florida on Saturday and PA on Sunday. Meanwhile, Biden says we'll know his positions on key issues AFTER THE ELECTION. Trump wins another day.

October 8 -- 26 days

  • My reasons today for saying Trump will win are different. They have nothing to do with polls or debates. It has everything to do with THE PERSON of Donald Trump. Watch the video the President released yesterday. He's different. I think his brush with COVID (and possible death) has freed him. I think he tackles the final 26 days to the election a bit differently. No, he won't be "meek and mild" (case in point, he unilaterally cancelled the second debate after it was set as "virtual"). But he will be freer. I believe he is coming through this brush with COVID with an even clearer sense of his purpose and his mission -- to literally save America. This will come through.
  • If you think back on all recent presidential races, the person who wins is the candidate with the clearest SENSE OF SELF. No internal divisions. Reagan over a confounded Carter. Reagan again over forgettable Mondale. Bush over Dukakis (on the tank). Clinton over Bush (who never projected a clear sense of identity). W over Gore (before he found himself as a global warming crusader). "9/11 W" over Kerry. "Yes We Can" Obama over placeholder McCain. Obama over "All I want to do is be president" Romney. Trump (love me or hate me) vs. Hillary and her many disguises. 
  • Trump emerges from a tough week with an even clearer sense of himself. And watch, there will be another debate (or two). In person. Face to face. And America will see the candidate with the clearer sense of himself.

October 7 -- 27 days

  • "Burn the Ships." The symbolism is strong. There's no turning back. We won't take the easy route and just sail home. We're burning the ships. Last night, President Trump pledged to release the Spygate documents unredacted. "Spygate" author said he was taking a "burn the ships" approach. Alex Berenson remarked that the President has been "liberated by his illness." So if we thought we saw Trump unplugged before, hold on for the next 27 days!
  • At the end of the day, Americans want and need leadership. Trump provides that. Brash? Yes. Bold? Yes. Politically incorrect? Certainly. But leadership nonetheless. As expected, the media (and Biden) and pushing the narrative that Trump's COVID illness was the end of Trump. Biden wants out of the debate. But the groundswell of Trump support and Trump voter registrations and Trump "lawnslide" signs across the country continues to build. 

October 6 -- 28 days

  • We've witnessed many days in which President Trump has caused liberal heads to explode. Yesterday may have topped them all. CNN's Cuomo couldn't hold back. Maddow lost her mind. The liberal media simply couldn't stand the images of President Trump boldly and confidently leaving the hospital and imploring Americans to fight and defeat covid. And in a nutshell, we see the choice before the American people -- huddle in fear and turn America over to Marxism, or fight for our lives and our families and our nation's future. 
  • President Trump is going to fight. And everything he does -- most by pure instinct -- will further clarify the choice the people have. And while national polls continue to show Biden with a large lead, the American people actually still think Trump is going to win. 
  • I hope he wins. For our nation's future. For my school-aged children. And for the parents who have been told they cannot attend their daughter's volleyball match this afternoon that I will coach. And for my friend who cannot accompany his wife to the ultrasound. And for the millions of businesses that are being wrecked by lockdowns. And... And.... 

October 5 -- 29 days

  • The images from Friday of the President walking to Marine One for the short flight to the hospital were quickly replaced by a vibrant and strong President speaking to the nation and then getting in "the beast" to personally thank those who have stood in vigil outside of Walter Reed. Of course, the Left's heads collectively exploded, but the President was making his point -- he is a fighter and he has never stopped fighting for this country. In fact, he continued to take presidential actions that further cement his conservative credentials and show that, in sickness, he accomplishes more than Biden does in relative health.
  • What happens next is anyone's guess, but if the President's health truly returns quickly and the GOP refuses to cave to the Left on Amy Barrett, the lasting image going to election day will be of a President and a party who are fighting the good fight. Trump wins the weekend.

October 1 -- 33 days...

  • The Left is amazingly efficient in their messaging. Did you notice what their main takeaway from the debate was? Two words... "Proud Boys." If you're like most Americans (as well as President Trump), you had never heard of proud boys before the debate. In fact, you probably even missed the very passing reference to "Proud Boys" during the debate (during a Biden interruption). But the media seized on those two words and said the President supports white supremacy. Ads were immediately released, and the Left had their next, lie-based "Charlottesville" moment.
  • This happened in large part because the totally biased Chris Wallace equated right-wing and left-wing violence, when 99% of the violence in our country this summer has been left wing. Fortunately, this is the same game plan they tried to use against then candidate Trump in 2016 and the American people saw through it. That's why thousands showed up for the Trump rally in MN, a state the GOP hasn't won since Nixon but will win next month. There was Trump winning more votes in a now in-play state. Trump wins the day.

September 30 -- 34 days...

  • Listen to the liberal media and Trump lost the debate. In fact, it was so bad, that Biden shouldn't even consent to another debate, the liberal talking heads say. Which would indicate that they fear Trump won the debate! And their fears are correct. Here's the proof: Telemundo viewers (Spanish speaking Americans) favored President Trump by 2 to 1. Not even close. And while Biden had more scripted lines, President Trump landed more blows: Antifa, court-packing, socialism, law enforcement, and the biggie -- Biden did nothing to stop the Portland riots. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Trump wins the day.

September 28 -- 36 days...

  • Another day, another attack on Trump. Unable to get his tax returns released legally, the NYTimes leaked the returns as a pre-debate bombshell. The timing is intentional. And with it, the pattern of these final 36 days is set -- a daily barrage of attacks on Trump. It's a daily "October Surprise."
  • But the lasting image of the weekend was that of Amy Coney Barrett's nomination and the prospect that Democrats will attempt to destroy this mother of seven. And with Republicans setting a schedule for a mid-to-late October showdown, this battle could be the key showdown prior to Election Day.
  • Plus, there continues to be no Biden "ground game" and no Biden retail politics. As a result, President Trump wins more voters every day Trump wins the weekend.

September 25 -- 39 days...

  • Of course, all the media could talk about was that Trump won't concede if he loses. At times, it's puzzling why the President gives them so much fodder. But maybe he's like the magician who distracts your eyes with a wave of a hand while the real work is going on elsewhere. Like on the campaign trail in Florida (where Trump is now ahead). Or in releasing a bold, new healthcare plan. Or in a schedule filled with four stops today from Miami to Virginia, while Sleepy Joe "calls a lid" on everything until the debate next Tuesday.
  • Democrats are relying on Trump Derangement Syndrome and Riots and CovidFear to push them over the top. But it is all falling apart. TDS has certainly reached all it can. The polling shows people are turning on the riots. and the "Casedemic" of COVID is being exposed -- even the PAC-10 will play football. Trump won more votes so Trump wins another day.

September 24 -- 40 days...

  • The Democrats' "Operation Chaos" strategy continued in an organized and inflamed reaction to the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury decision to charge only one officer and not charge that officer for Taylor's death. Shortly after the decision, a U-Haul pulled up and unloaded "protest" resources including signs and gas masks. They planned for this. They wanted this. What Americans will take away from this as they vote is that there was conclusive evidence that the police did, in fact, knock and did announce their presence. Oh yeah, a man inside the apartment fired first and struck an officer. So we riot in the streets and harass those at restaurants across the country.
  • Meanwhile the polls keep tightening, with ABC's poll now showing Trump ahead in FL and AZ. And the President continues to reach out into Obama/Hillary states. He's making a stop in VA tomorrow, where the gap has shrunk from 15% to 5% in about month. Even CNN is admitting "the race has been and will likely remain within the margin of error until Election Day."
  • Americans will see through the riots. They will remember the restaurants. Trump wins another day.

September 23 -- 41 days...

  • With Romney on board for a Senate confirmation vote, Democrats only have one option now to stop the President -- a personal attack campaign on the nominee. It will be like moths to a flame if they choose to "Bork" or "Kavanaugh" someone like Amy Barrett and Dems will lose out on Election Day.
  • So in the longer-term view as we near the election, Trump clearly won the day. But also in the microcosm of yesterday when Trump spoke for 90 minutes in PA while Biden's team "called a lid"' and suspended all activities. All this is slowly reflecting in the swing state and national polls where even the Harris poll put Trump's approval at 48% and 25% among blacks (up 6% in a month). Trump wins another day.

September 22 -- 42 days...

  • Just a few days removed from Justice Ginsburg's passing, it's become the clear consensus that President Trump has not only the right but the political duty to nominate her successor before the election. And and the Senate should confirm. Trump's base strongly wants this and Ginsburg encouraged such actions in 2016. The Democrats' hand in stopping this looks weak. All they are left with is more threats of chaos and rioting -- even blocking the entrance to the Senate. Pretty sure that won't play well on Election Day.
  • Meanwhile the "two roads" of these campaigns continued to diverge. Biden is hidin' even when he comes out. No crowds. No real questions. And teleprompters everywhere. President Trump addressed two large rallies in Ohio, speaking for more than an hour at each. Trump wins another day.

September 21 -- 43 days...

  • For a few brief moments over the weekend, we wondered what the President would do with the Ginsburg vacancy on the Supreme Court. Then, Trump showed up in North Carolina and spoke before a raucous crowd that chanted "Fill The Seat," and the answer was clear. LIke every other president in recent history, he will nominate a replacement, possibly by Friday.
  • This will only turn up the temperature on the 2020 elections, most likely in Trump's favor. Sure, the Left will take to the streets and threaten revolution, but they don't have a corner on their concern about the Supreme Court. Conservatives have been speaking on this for decades. We understand the issue. For many, it was the primary reason they held their breath and voted for Trump in 2016. Now, Trump can tout his strong record on court nominations, while Biden has to double-back on what he said just a few years ago -- when he remembers what year it is. On a day the President spoke for 1 hour, 45 minutes, Biden's team had to call another "lid" and cancel all events. Then when he came back out of the basement, he seemed exhausted and claimed "200 million" covid deaths. Trump wins the weekend.

September 18 -- 46 days...

  • Again we compare the days. Biden fumbles through a roundtable and then a CNN town hall with all softball questions in which he blamed Trump for ALL the COVID death (can we officially say he "jumped the shark" on his COVID attack strategy now?). Meanwhile, the President honored our history and heritage by addressing Constitution Day and announcing a "1776 Commission" to teach American history because "national unity is through our shared identity as Americans," which is true -- always has been true. Then, the President held yet another OVERFLOW, OVER-ENTHUSIASTIC rally in a swing state (WI). Trump wins the day, but there is the growing reality that Dems are planning an Operation Chaos around the election that will inevitably result in disputing Trump's win. Trump must win big. Really big.

September 17 -- 47 days...

  • It's Constitution Day, and there's a good chance only one party will really celebrate our Constitution. Take a guess? That's the interesting dilemma Team Biden faces. When you build your campaign on a Hate America platform, and you support those who hate our nation's founding, it's hard to even fake patriotism and love of country. We saw it during the conventions. Democrat flag-waving efforts felt forced; Republicans oozed the Flag. 
  • The media isn't giving up. We're seeing more and more open attempts to bias and sway this election -- some open (biased polling; reporter saying Trump rally like "Fallujah"), others more subtle (see our exclusive on the NYTimes treatment of the peace accords). Fortunatly, it's not working with The People. The first national poll put Trump in the lead, and now the President heads off to WI and MN -- key swing states -- while Biden answers another prepared list of questions. Trump wins the day again.

September 16 -- 48 days...

  • The media has already long-forgotten the historic peace agreements signed at the White House yesterday (when they weren't ridiculing the event) -- their goal clearly to keep the images of peace off their websites and out of the minds of voters. Images last. Images imprint. Yet when an Arab paper leads with the bold headline, "Peace be upon all," you know something big just happened. Plus, President Trump hinted at "five or six" other countries joining. Watch for the Saudis to come on board 2-3 weeks before the election.
  • Once again, the contrast between Trump and Biden couldn't be clearer, as Biden has one of his most bumbling days of all -- waving to nobody upon his arrival in Florida, speaking gibberish at a roundtable, giving Kamala top billing, arriving 90 minutes late for a Latino outreach and then creating the meme of the campaign by playing from is phone a song called "Despacito," which fittingly means "slowly" and describes in detail Slow Joe's other infamous habit -- groping. Despite the media's best efforts, Trump wins the day.

September 15 -- 49 days...

  • While the best Biden could muster up was to bark about Trump's "climate denialism" (does anyone really care about global warming anymore, especially in light of 2020?), President Trump was in CA and then AZ where he spoke at a Latinos for Trump roundtable which looked more like another rally. And the President's winning electoral strategy is taking shape: HOLD the key swing states he won last time and WIN in blue states like MN, NH, NV.
  • And as more details emerge surrounding the horrific point-blank shooting of two LA sheriff deputies, the line of demarcation between those who HATE the police and HATE America and the rest of us is becoming clearer and clearer. Trump wins the day, and with the Abraham Accord peace signing taking place at the White House today, he's already won another day. 

September 14 -- 50 days..

  • Another sad weekend for America and another tipping point in the election as two LA Sheriff deputies were shot at point-blank range on Saturday and all Joe Biden and the Left could do was call for gun control and blame cops and the President. And more videos are now circulating of BLM protestors and people on the streets celebrating cop shootings. They even tried to block the entrance to the hospital that was treating the deputies. Meanwhile, after a police officer shot and killed a man who was attacking him with a knife in Lancaster, PA, rioters there called for the murder of the police. And before all this, a new poll showed that people are more likely to consider BLM activity "riots" than "protests." The issue has tipped.
  • And while Sleepy Joe "called a lid" on weekend events (too tired?), President Trump barnstormed across Nevada, defying efforts by the governor to cancel his events and speaking before tens of thousands of people as momentum continues to build day by day. Clearly, Team Trump thinks they can win Nevada, and they likely will. And we almost forgot to mention another major Middle East Peace deal between Israel and Bahrain. Trump is working harder, doing more and winning more votes every single day.

September 11 -- 53 days...

  • Another "peaceful protest" by the President in Michigan must have the Biden folks nervous. Thousands of people cheering the President and using the new chant... "We Love You!" It's going to spread like wildfire and may become the symbol of this campaign. Trump supporters LOVE the President. Nobody loves Biden. We're not sure anyone likes Biden. We're not sure Biden knows what's happening next, although he knows the prompter is supposed to give him the answers to the pre-planned questions. Trump wins another day.

September 10 -- 54 days...

  • Another day, another bombshell intended to undermine the President. This time, Bob Woodward is releasing from a new book a claim that the President intentionally downplayed COVID. Here's why this is significant. Surveys show American's concern over COVID is beginning to tip in favor of the economic ramifications over the health ramifications. Biden's entire campaign is based on the perception that Trump failed in COVID response.
  • So how does the President respond? He immediately goes on the attack, does a long interview on Hannity, and sets the record straight. The truth is, Biden's early response was not stronger than Trump's: it was weaker. (see Rove's analysis). My assessment is, this attack will hurt the president in the short run but not the long run because it is not true and all the trends on COVID indicate that the feardemic and economic concerns are becoming more and more paramount in the minds of Americans as we head to the polls. Trump takes their best punch and still wins the day.

September 9 -- 55 days...

  • Reality v. Virtual. Open v. Shut. No mask v. Mask. Engaging v. Basement. The contrast grows clearer and clearer each day, as President Trump yesterday spoke in person to more people that perhaps Biden will address in person between now and the election. 10,000 or more greeted the President in North Carolina (slightly over the state's under 50 covid limit). Many more saw the President in person in FL by lining the streets. 
  • While Team Biden hopes to win primarily from the basement due to the viral nature of COVID, another "viral" effect is happening. Those 10k in NC each have a circle of influence from 50-100 who will see their social media posts and hear their enthusiasm for the president. Even at 50, that's a 500,000 real-person reach. It's called retail politics. And it still works. And it's not just the President. Don Jr., the VP, Eric, and others are out every day, pressing flesh, winning votes. 
  • Meanwhile, the DEMs are getting more and more nervous, with heavy hitters like Zuckerberg going out and conditioning us to Election Night Chaos. That's because they learned from their mistake in 2016 -- they allowed Trump to win. That can't happen again. But it will. And the gap may be wider than four years ago. Trump wins another day.

September 8 -- 56 days...

  • The Atlantic tried to drop a bombshell on Friday to distract from the Pelosi crisis and Biden's crumbling numbers, saying that Trump belittled WWI dead. Trump vehemently denied, as did many close to the President who were with him at the time. Bad weather kept him from a WWI memorial. But Biden & Co spent the long weekend trying to hammer the lie home, to little avail.
  • Meanwhile, the President is now riding the greatest economic recovery perhaps in history, with unemployment falling to 8.4%. This despite the best efforts of Dem governors of several of the largest states to suppress the economy. Sadly, the lasting image of the holiday weekend may be more BLM violence in the streets, including a disturbing video showing restaurant guests getting harassed. Despite the liberal media's attempt to spin things differently, as one analysis noted, "the race is effectively tied today." Trump wins the weekend.

September 4 -- 60 days...

  • One thing became clear -- the CoVid crisis will not abate at least until November 3. Because it is strategically important to muddy up the election enough so that tens of millions will flood the mail with their votes. If you had any hopes that 2020 would see a "normal" election day those are gone. Mail-in voting has started, and Democrats are flooding the mail-in process.
  • So President Trump went on the attack -- making a case that voters should vote by mail and then go to the polls to make sure their vote was actually counted. Liberal heads exploded, saying he wanted Americans to vote twice. Not quite. He's just pointing out the fraud and corruption in the system. Of course, Twitter and Facebook blocked his posts. Welcome to 2020.
  • Meanwhile, Joe went to Kenosha and make a joke that he cannot discuss details of his policy because "they'll shoot me." Well said. Trump wins the day. 

September 3 -- 61 days...

  • Trump won another day. How do we know? Biden is headed to Kenosha today after everyone warned that Trump's visit would be a flop. Instead, Trump's visit was a huge success -- highlighting the wreckage caused by the rioting and pledging to rebuild. Now, Biden is forced to make his first visit to swing-state WI in 674 days, and Biden actually answered a few media questions yesterday (also in response to Trump's momentum). Plus, the big story is Pelosi's hypocrisy, which she doubled down on again in accusing the salon owner of setting her up. See the salon owner's response on Tucker. 
  • Meanwhile the President was out with a crowd in NC and his headed to PA today, where the gap has narrowed by nine points. And he's taking on the riot-ridden cities, threatening to de-fund them while NY Gov Cuomo threatens the President's life (isn't that a federal crime?). Trump wins the day.

September 2 -- 62 days...

  • While Joe Biden continued to unsuccessfully try to pin the rioting and violence in the streets on President Trump, the President went to Kenosha, toured the destruction, and promised to help rebuild the community. And where was Biden? Back in the basement with his staff "calling a lid" on any events -- perhaps so Biden could recover from his one-day jaunt out into the world. Meanwhile, we now have four polls showing that Black voters are moving dramatically to President Trump -- ranging from 19% to 28% support (Trump won 8% in 2016). Why? Because despite the efforts of the cultural Marxists to fan the flames of a "race war" in America, in reality blacks, whites, asians actually share the same core goals of safety in their homes and streets and opportunity for the families. 
  • Democrats are getting desperate, and it's not even Labor Day. And Dem "Pollster" even announced what they are calling the "Red Mirage" -- Trump wins big on Election Day but loses as the (bogus) Mail In votes are counted. How things have changed. Just a few weeks ago, Biden was up 15 points and headed to a landslide. Now the Dem experts are warning of the appearance of a Trump landslide on Election Day. Trump wins another day...

September 1 -- 63 days...

  • Despite the Democrats' full-court-press to blame the violence in the streets on "Trump's America," it's a charge that won't stick. The Left's silence for months -- as well as their open calls for violence (see video above) -- will be remembered by voters. Plus, the fact that it is DEMOCRAT cities and states almost exclusively where the violence is happening. Meanwhile, the President continues to work harder, and win voters. He's headed to Kenosha. He's doing interviews. Yes, Biden came out of the basement, but not very far. His presser wasn't much of a conference, he bumbled through a softball question, and a handful of people gathered outside as if they were greeting a losing high school basketball team. Trump wins the day.

August 31 -- 64 days...

  • While the media suppressed the horrific encounter with rioters that Sen. Rand Paul and his wife had after the RNC convention, the video still is getting out. Mrs. Paul called it a "bloodthirsty mob" and thought she was going to die. Then over the weekend, a Trump supporter in Portland was gunned down in the street, after which BLM radicals cheered. So the President spent the weekend going on the attack against Democrat mayors and governors, while the polls continue to confirm that Americans are afraid and want this all stopped. Meanwhile, Biden blamed the President for the death of the Trump supporter in Portland.
  • But all this is forcing Biden out of the basement today. It may be too late. Trump is headed to Kenosha, and the polls are all trending his way. There's even talk he'll win Minnesota.

August 28 -- 67 days..

  • From the south lawn of the White House, President Trump delivered a truly presidential address to the nation that focused primarily on his accomplishment and agenda. While he hit Biden hard, only about 10% of the speech referenced Biden, as if to make the point the Sleepy Joe really doesn't deserve more air time than that. Also, Trump's was the longest acceptance speech in recent history, while Biden's was the shortest -- perhaps again for the President to make a point. And there were live people in attendance, and compelling stories, and fireworks that made the Democrats' final convention act look like backyard sparklers. Again, the contrast was stunning. And the Democrats are now running scared. Biden finally made a statement against the riots and announced that he will come out of the basement after Labor Day. Why? Because the polls are moving fast. Trump just won another day. 

August 27 -- 68 days..

  • The GOP continued to provide a stark contrast to last week's dark, depressing "from the basement" convention. GOP speakers were alive (and live), and once again President Trump's stamp was all over Day 3 of the convention. Meanwhile, America continues to burn, and the more it burns the more people are turning to Trump and the GOP. A new poll shows Biden lost two points after his convention and the race is a tossup. Even CNN is beginning to realize what's happening, saying the Democrats need to stop the rioting because it's showing up in the polls. Dems thought they could run out the clock with Biden in the basement. But the sleeping giant is awakening. McCarthy says the House is even in play. Trump wins another day.

August 26 -- 69 days..

  • Three more reasons why Trump will win. 1) Melania. Regal. Compasionate. 2) Day Two -- The Trump Convention maintained a strong patriotic feel while addressing with REAL PEOPLE in a REAL SETTING speaking LIVE issues that are important to Americans. Watch Trump's emotional pardon, Abby Johnson's groundbreaking pro-life message, Daniel Cameron or the young Sandmann. 3) The Polls continue to tighten. 4) (I know I said three...) Trump. Every day the chasm between Trump and Biden grows. Man to man there is no contest. Trump wins the day. Get ready for a historic post-convention bump.

August 25 -- 70 days...

  • As expected, the first day of the RNC convention marked a stark contrast to the DEMshow. For starters, President Trump broke with tradition and made two campaign related appearances in addition to another speech. He was visible. He engaged with more voters in person than Biden probably has in months. Then, the evening's slate was bold, patriotic. uplifting and all the main speakers were live and delivered in a patriotic venue (Andrew Mellon Auditorium in D.C.), not on a set. Trump wins the day.

August 24 -- 71 days..

  • On the eve of the GOP convention, President Trump announced a breakthrough or chinavirus treatments which led to the futures market reaching an all-time high. He also released his second-term agenda and is poised to create a clear break from Biden's phony and dark convention. Meanwhile, America burned even more over the weekend, setting the stage for Republicans to address the most pressing issue facing Americans today -- safety in their homes. Trump wins the weekend.

August 21 -- 74 days..

  • On a day when Biden barely stepped over a very low bar in delivering his speech on his night, the evidence is showing that President Trump still won the day. Once again, the contrast between the authentic response of Trump supporters at live events with the staged, canned production of the DNC was clear. More people saw the President in person on Biden's inauguration day, and the polls continue to tighten. Even Trump's job approval eclipsed 50%. The door is opened for Trump and the RNC to create real distance if they will host a convention that reflects Trump -- bold, brash, patriotic and live with lots of spontaneous moments mixed in.

August 20 -- 75 days..

  • Here's how President Trump won the day -- the entire day was about him! The Democrats are fixated on Trump. Obama's speech was 90% about Trump. Their voters are only motivated to get rid of Trump. Yet the Democrats remain lost in a non-reality world. Their convention continues to be non-real. Their non-reality made for a very awkward close to Kamala's acceptance speech -- six seconds of silence, no clapping, then the virtual zoom-like conference that was actually a faked zoom call (note the three duplicates). Meanwhile, the President continues to close the gap in the polls, sends out one tweet that changes a debate, and is willing to do whatever it takes to restore our country -- even save the world from pedophiles and satanists. Trump wins the day.

August 19 -- 76 days..

  • By most accounts, the Dems did a bit better on Day Two of their virtual convention, but at the end of the day, the contrast was clear once again: Biden fumbling over even his own name while President Trump stood in 100+ degree heat and gave a rousing speech to more than 1,000 cheering supporters. Although we are still bracing for another manufactured crisis, it is quite possible that the country will have reached effective herd immunity by Election Day, with the economy showing a record recovery. And given that Trump will give a better performance at his convention, the polls could be tight by Labor Day and the President would be way ahead of his 2016 schedule.

August 18 -- 77 days..

  • While the Democrats get lost in their most ridiculous conspiracy of them all (Trump stealing mailboxes) and conduct a largely pre-recorded Day One of their convention, President Trump barnstormed across the swing states, speaking to the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of the day. And don't underestimate the Airport stops. It forces the local media to cover the President and show the contrast between Trump and Basement Biden (who has only travelled more than 100 miles from his home once since March). Trump wins the day.

August 17 -- 78 days..

  • Before the DEM virtual convention even begins, the polls now show Biden's lead is down almost to the margin of error in the polls, and just +1 (tossup) in the 15 battleground states. This may be due in part to the media's desire to ensure Biden gets a "bump" from his convention. Meanwhile, world leaders are praising President Trump for a truly historic peace treaty in the Middle East and the President will be barnstorming the nation this week -- creating a bright contrast between himself and "basement" Biden. Even Bill Maher is getting nervous...

August 14 -- 81 days..

  • With Biden doing his first non-presser with Harris, President Trump's team announced a historic Middle East Peace deal that was widely being called a "breakthrough" -- the biggest Mideast-peace breakthrough in decades. Also, Trump and his team are continuing to take their case directly to the American people while Biden mostly hides in his basement and refuses to answer questions from the media. Plus, there's strong evidence now that the worse of the actual COVID pandemic is behind us. (See below.) It's a political battle now. But Trump wins the day!

August 13 -- 82 days..

  • On a day that Biden should have won, Trump wins again. Biden's unveiling of Kahmahlah was a total fail -- nearly two hours late, awkward interaction, no media questions, no crowd gathered. Meanwhile Trump was hard at work winning votes. He has actively taken up the cause of supporting College Football (cementing his sweep of the South), and isn't on vacation (like Congress) in trying to solve our nation's problems. The fact is, Trump won more votes today.

August 12 -- 83 days..

  • While Biden made his VP announcement from the basement, President Trump spoke ditrectly to the media and his team immediately responded. Biden's choice indicates there will be no attempt by Team Biden to move to the middle -- more easy targets for Trump and an even clearer separation between the visions. Meanwhile, the polls keep tightening. Tump wins the day.

August 11 -- 84 days..

  • Another day of President Trump owning the stage and being, well, actually presidential. He calmly handled the mid-press briefing threat at the White House and responded to a reporter's question by saying, "Do I seem rattled?" And polls continue to show the President is closing the gap: now ahead in Arizona and having gained four points in two weeks. Meanwhile, all the economic indicators are winning the day.