Grassfire has a unique model. We were founded very much on a First Amendment right that has been somewhat forgotten: the right to "petition the government for the redress of grievances." In all, Grassfire has delivered millions of petitions (our best guess is that total is well over 20 million). Here is the HOW and WHY of Grassfire petitions


As a matter of principle, Grassfire delivers your petitions to members of Congress (or other individuals or entities as appropriate). So how do we actually deliver your petitions?

  • First, we set a petition GOAL and state that on the petition. We generally do not set a goal less than 10,000 as we want the petition delivery to carry significant weight.
  • Once we reach that goal, we prepare the petitions for delivery. This involves creating a file that includes: first name, last name, city, state. We often ask for additional information but keep that for our records and so we can validate the petitions as necessary.
  • The petition file is then printed and then HAND-DELIVERED, along with a cover letter explaining the petition, to the member of Congress (or other contact). We utilize Grassfire key contacts on Capitol Hill who actually CARRY your petitions through security and take them to the office.
    • This is important. GRASSFIRE HAND-DELIVERS YOUR PETITION. Any other method will likely not result in the petition actually reaching the member of Congress (believe us, we've tried everything!)
    • Note: hand-delivery was interrupted by the pandemic shutdown and then authorities have used the fake "insurrection" threat to continue an despicable, ongoing, police-state-like lockdown of the nation's capital that has created an actual physical barrier between We The People and our elected representatives (our servants). Grassfire will continue to work to restore our First Amendment right to directly petition.


Why did our Founders find it so important to include this right to petition alongside the right to free press and the free exercise of religion? Because petitions point us... up. The very idea of a petition stems from an understanding of petitions and prayers embedded in our Judeo-Christian ethic. God has given us access to Him to petition Him. And since earthly government is a dim reflection of God's governance, our Founders included the guarantee that we can also petition our earthly leaders for a "redress of our grievances."

Interestingly, at the top of the Rotunda of our U.S. Capitol is found The Apotheosis Of Washington, which depicts George Washington "rising to the heavens in glory," according to the Architect of the Capitol's website. Today, those visiting the Rotunda and viewing the fresco on display 180 feet above the floor can't help but point their gaze heavenward.

For most of our nation's history, our people and our leaders found no inherent conflict between faith and government. Rather, they willingly fixed their eyes on the heavenly prize and embraced the Christian principles that are embedded in the values and ideals that shaped our nation. The act of "petitioning" reminds us that we each, ultimately, have a heavenly appeal process. And those receiving our petitions would do well to remember that they are public "servants" (ministers) who are simply earthly intermediaries in a heavenly appeal process!

Will you join us in "looking up" while we petition God and our leaders on these critical issues? Find your issues here.