Is Trump A Superhero?

I've been thinking about this for a while...

Is President Trump a superhero? Or at least, is he playing the role of a superhero?

I know the heads of our liberal friends are already exploding, so let me explain my thinking. First, consider the key characteristics of a superhero:

--Larger-than-life personality

--Unique and special abilities

--Confronted by a world-threatening crisis

And perhaps most importantly...

--Able to leap large SWAMPS in a single bound (or, able to take on impossible tasks all by themselves)

I've been watching in amazement (again) as President Trump has taken on the Swamp Creatures over the past week or so. First, it was Google and their clearly biased search algorithm that has been suppressing conservative news. Here at Grassfire, we've been telling you about Silicon Valley's anti-conservative bias for years. But when President Trump called out Google in a tweet, the ground shifted.

Then came the CNN fake news that the President's former attorney Michael Cohen was ready to reveal the "smoking gun" that President Trump had foreknowledge of the alleged Russia meddling meeting in Trump Tower. Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis then retracted, admitted he lied, and the story fell apart. Of course, the self-proclaimed "Most Trusted Name in News" tweeted, "CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters."

Then our Superhero sprung into action, lobbing a series of tweets that have left CNN bludgeoned and exposed as a biased fraud. Years of conservatives railing against the liberal media didn't have the impact of President Trump rattling his Twitter saber at CNN.

It takes someone with thick skin and a bold vision to take on the Swamp Creatures, even when the situation looks grim and the entire D.C.-Swamp Establishment wants to destroy you.

This is precisely why I LOVE artist Jon McNaughton's portrayal of President Trump in Crossing the Swamp. "America's Artist" says this about his newest painting:

Despite the alligator-infested waters and the winds and the storms, President Trump is determined to cross the Swamp and lead us to the other side.

We have made special arrangements with McNaughton to offer Crossing The Swamp to our team members. Over the past few days, hundreds of Grassfire friends have requested their copy of this amazing painting -- a 10" x15" lithograph suitable for framing.

Go here now to request your Crossing The Swamp print in appreciation for a contribution of $35 or more to help Grassfire build:

Crossing the Swamp is connecting with conservative, grassroots-American patriots like few items we have offered before. The artist explains why:

"Today, Trump endeavors to cross the 'swamp' of Washington, D.C. as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity." McNaughton says. "As an artist, I paint what I feel needs to be said about the current state of our country. My hope is that Trump will be remembered as the President that restored America's greatness. I want to be on that boat for freedom!"


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  • Floydrewls
    commented 2020-08-05 08:25:29 -0400
    Trump 2020! I wish for as long as he’s willing to tolerate the scumbag socialist left. He’s is accomplishing more with absolutely no assistance or rational discussions or debates. The left since day 1 have attacked him, attempted to smear his name, integrity, character any trick in the dirty evil left bag of evil tricks, none.have been successful. And don’t think some logical former Dems seen through the Democrats B.S and have realized the left has absolutely no integrity and have hurt the Democratic Party beyond the repair. The silent majority is much larger this election and I know for a fact even a lot of minorities have switched. The Dems have humiliated themselves and our nation, they all look at Pelosi and say old single alchoholics run our nation. This is from reliable European press. Our politicians have embarrassed themselves and us Americans. And they all by now are multi millionaires. How does that happen on a average salary of $180,000. I’d love to hear how they accomplished that. Why in hell do these people keep electing some into office for over 30 years? Maxine waters, her district is one of the worst in the country, but ole Maxipad lives in a multi million dollar house and is a multi million Airedale’s. I’d love to take financial advice. I’m not just picking on Maxine there are a lot more. We need to demand financial disclosures of every elected official every couple years .
  • Floydrewls
    commented 2020-08-05 08:04:46 -0400
    I personally believe he entered the Presidential race right on time and needed him so desperately, Obama had done so much damage in many ways and was installing the plan for the socialist to take over and seize power for a very very long time. President Trump does not need the money of fame, he already achieved tat years ago. He witnessed the distraction in progress and could not bear to watch whaat was happing to our great but not perfect country. I believe this is from his heart. Now honestly, do your homework, all candidates or even us citizens have done wrong in our lives, we’re only human. But with Trump they tried to make him or to be some mass murderer. They tried like hell to assasinate his character. I’ve not always liked him, but Crooked Hillary as president? Never, I’d vote for “ The Reverend “ Big Pimpjuice Al Sharpton before crooked Hillary. What’s her body count up to now? Too many to count. But I back and support and trust President Trump 100000%. Forget some of the goofy shit he tweets or says, weather you like him or not, look at the big picture, look at what he’s accomplished this far with the vulture Trump hating out to destroy this man at any cost or means. This man is so despised by the snowflake undercover commies. They are afraid of him for some reason, and it’s not like he’s hurt our nation, so they can’t use that excuse. I think it’s that he is dismantling the evil, corrupt, theiving, anti American liars who where selling out our country. And yes, if you really hate America, do some traveling and actually see how good we have it compared to most other countries, we’re out perfect by any means but who is. Trumps not in this for the money or fame, he already achieved that years ago, actually he donates his paychecks I think back to the treasury, I may be wrong. But he seen the democratic plan in progress that Obama was preparing and his love and patriotism from his heart helped him make the decision to run in the election. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but if you honestly have faith in and believe mainstream media news, go immediately to your Dr. And tell him you have issues in dealing with reality, what’s real and what’s not, you’re having issues in being easily manipulated and lied to. Ask yourself a question, have you ever heard any mainstream media network say anything, just one good thing or compliment President Trump? What does that tell you in common sense? Ok, I can understand people not liking him maybe because he goes on his twitter rants, because he said it’s the only way he can speak without the media taking and twisting and lying about the story, but anyway, go ahead and dislike his personality, but the main issue is to me is his great abilities as a leader and dealer. Our nation has been taken advantage of for soo long and President Trump has shitcanned all those corrupt policies. I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some corrupt politicians of ours , and what these so called patriotic phonies are actually making under the table deals to their advantage for say not bringing up or getting a bill for certain countries that would be damaged by a deal, kinda like lobbiest, which are guys that represent a certain company or country that needs something this certain politician could really help this country or company get what they want, well quid pro quo. This certain politician isn’t going to help this person and just say, well i was glad to help your country or company, no no no , now what are you gonna do for me under the table.. No politician or most anyway are not going to resist some sort of valuable sign of gratitude. It’s done in a deceptive way not to be found out.. Trump is working legitimately from his heart and love and patriotism. Like. I said, he achieved fame and fortune a long time ago, but he couldn’t sit by and progressively watched socialism being constructed right here in America, and I thank God he got elected to stop our one way ticket to hell. Look at Venezuela, once you’re a socialist nation, you loose all your rights and have a dictator who can stay in office as long as he wants. Please, google facts to make sure you feel confident in your vote, if you do then still want socialism, that’s your right. But I guarantee you one day regret it. The Democrats are so afraid, and feel threatened by Trump because he’s attempting to expose and get the best fair trade deals we are owed. He’s now longer letting our corrupt politicians help the other side not Americans. You all have a right and I respect that right, but please research anything you’re not sure about. Basically GEORGE SOROS is a hidden financier of all the chaos and riots. I’ve read and studied the manual How to overthrow a government, I’m not 100% but I think it’s written by Saul alinsky, he is Crooked Hillary’s mentor and guide. And in the book this was written a long time ago, the start of a government overthrow is to cause violent protesters and everything our society is going thru now is the beginning stages in the instruction Manuel. George Soros wants what’s called a new world order, everybody is under 1 country and set of laws and many more undesired plans. They will smiles like you know that sweet harmless uncle Bernie Sanders with his goofy soft fuzzy hairdo, who is demanding free stuff for everybody. Now how can anyone not trust old sweet soft gentle uncle Bernie, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well guess what, you better not judge this book by the cover, Democrats are the masters of manipulation. Look at every major city in our country. Have you ever heard how broke and corrupt and gang ridden and just poorly managed? I’m sure you have heard it. Well guess what, everyone of those major big cities that is in major trouble, your loyal, honest, would never lie to you and would never be corrupt and 90% of the officials below the mayor are all democrat minorities, from the mayor to the police chief the the superintendent are all minorities who’ve been in those position for years telling you to be fair and elect us because they are racist,give us the chance to fix the city and run it correctly. Guess what happens a few years later with the same politician who is re-elected because they ain’t voting for whitey. So after years of this individual running the city, it’s progressively getting worse and worse, but they always redirect the question and never answer, crime is way up, the city is broke, they are behind on bills. And guess what? After 8 years of this same politician who’s made all these promises, they have not accomplished any of them. But surprise, surprise, ain’t no way in hell we voting for whitey even though he’s more qualified , no whitey, I’m voting for my brother or sister who has not improved life for anyone accept her or him and all the familie member who got cushie political city jobs even though they are not qualified. It’s just a vicious circle.because in the land of irrational thinking, the most qualified person does not get the job unfortunately because of skin color. And the entire city is run entirely by this elected brother or distaste own people if ya know what I mean. They would rather see their taxes increase, pothole filled street, basically the city mismanaged in bankruptcy, all because ain’t no one voting for whitey, even if he more qualified for the job. It’s like roles have reversed from 50 years ago. I believe the best, most qualified person should get elected, regardless of what color your skin is. You come to Chicago and if your a minority and it’s between you and whitey and your equal or even less qualified. Guess who’s pounding the pavement going to the bar to soak up his or her frustration sorrows, of course you all know whiteys called the devil , there’s many different names they call us. It don’t matter, their souls hav already been destroyed by racial hatred of white people, well when it’s your turn at that pearly gate, if you make it that far, the big man or woman is gonna ask you some questions you ain’t gonna like and you’re gonna start sweating because you are not qualified. You’re gonna answer God and explain why and how can you hate or even harm one of my creations? Because of skin color? We can all imagine what the small percentage of slave owners went thru, a one way ticket to hell. I do happen to believe in reincarnation, I think anyone who is racist was the opposite race in their previous life. Think about it. If your a believer in reincarnation, a person who is white now very well could of been a slave, we where punished then, and we being white now are being attempted or at least hated now for something we never did or had no family in this country. I think it’s mostly hatred out of jealousy, not all but a lot.
  • Steve Sanchez
    commented 2019-07-06 13:12:46 -0400
    New blog Article: “Trump the President: The Good American Zealot: Fighting for the Soul of America”.
  • Steve Sanchez
    commented 2019-07-06 13:10:38 -0400
    The depth meaning of the Flag. “One Nation under God: The Meaning of Each Fold of the Flag in Military Honors” at Gives true meaning of honor for God and country. For those who love and give to their country, heaven becomes their new country.
  • Lewis J Bunnell
    commented 2018-10-14 02:47:18 -0400
    To me, he is.
  • Bruce Sargent
    commented 2018-09-12 19:34:20 -0400
    Follow the history, it seems we have a 70 year cycle of fools trying to wreck our country and its founding Fathers and Mothers. May we pray for their redemption.