See Your Impact Grow!

Here at Grassfire, we want you to "see" in a tangible way how you are impacting this community and impacting the issues of our day. So we have established Grassfire Impact Points for many of the most important activities here in this community. Here's a list of some of the common activities on this site that will earn you Impact Points:

  • Comment on a post, petition, etc.
  • Donate to Grassfire
  • Post to one of our Facebook pages
  • Like a post on one of our Facebook pages
  • Provide Feedback on a feedback form.
  • Follow another member of the community or a page
  • Become a Member (monthly or annual)
  • Sign a petition
  • Add a note to your profile
  • Send a FaxFire
  • Signup and create an account on this site
  • Leave a suggestion on one of our suggestion forms
  • Become a supporter  
  • Answer a survey question
  • Sign up for text messages
  • Tweet  a mention of us (@Grassfire)
  • Follow our Twitter account (@Grassfire)

Bonus Points When You Inspire Your Friends To Join!

Plus, when one of your friends signs up and joins this vibrant network, you will earn "recruiter" Impact Points as soon as they sign up and for all their point-able subsequent activity! Bring four of five friends to Grassfire and you'll see your Impact Point total grow and grow! Just use your custom "Spread The Word" link with your personal recruiter ID, or utilize any of the the social "share" tools associated with the posts here, and we'll give you the credit!

And you can always see a running count of your Impact Points beside your name and avatar or by clicking here (you must be logged in).

Be watching for Impact Point awards... coming soon!