Hannity: End The Witch Hunt!

Sean Hannity calls for an end to the Witch Hunt:

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Socialism on the rise

Gallup recently released a new survey that found, for the first time, that Democrats have a more favorable opinion of socialism than capitalism.

The survey is jolting, or at least it should be. According to Gallup, 57% of Democrats now have a favorable view of socialism, while just 47% view capitalism favorably. But the big change over the eight years that Gallup has conducted this survey reveals the real nature of the ideological shift in our land.

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Report: Comey and Mueller Made MILLIONS From Swamp!

FoxNews Channel's Steve Hilton produced an eye-opening report on how James Comey and Robert Mueller earned MILLIONS by leveraging their Swamp relationships and overseeing hundreds of millions in contracts for their private sector employers.

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Senator Calls For Massive Purge Of Conservatives

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is calling on social media giants to expand their purge of conservatives, saying "the survival of our democracy depends on it."

Grassfire is gearing up to respond to the Tech Purge of Conservatives. Stay tuned...


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Silicon Valley shutting down opposition?

Apple and Facebook have effectively banned Alex Jones:

Media Matters is calling for "climate deniers" to be banned.

Stay tuned...


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Help CA wildfire victims and volunteers

Grassfire's disaster relief parter, Mercy Chefs, is on the ground near the epicenter of the devastating Carr wildfire in California providing hot meals to victims, volunteers and first responders. Go here to help Mercy Chefs with your tax-deductible gift.

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I do politics for my show on FB "live".  I just got a notification this morning, the day of my broadcast that they have banned some of my content because it may go against their community standards.  WHAAT??? 
Take a look at my page, and my previous shows.  Most favor our president.  Some don't.  I am a commentator, so I talk about both the LEFT AND THE RIGHT.  So, I want you to put FB on the hotspot for trying to censor free thought.  Because 'free thought is a philosophy and not a policy'.  GRASSFIRE interviewed me at President Trump's Rally in Millington, Tn.  I am a Media Producer and Promoter.  So I told the truth.  GRASSFIRE did a feature story on me in your online magazine.  You can find it in the archives. 
Please take at look at my shows.  I do not incite 'VIOLENCE" on my shows.  Apparently FB is trying to say that I am.  However, it seems to me that FB may be prejudiced against Black Women.  I'm just saying, not accusing, because Diamond and Silk are Black, and I'm Black.  Do we need a Rocket Scientist on this?  Maybe. 
Thanks.  Here's my link:  
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Help Keep America First

Help Grassfire fight to keep America first and receive our exclusive print. Go here.

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Our divide in numbers

We can all feel the growing partisan divide in our nation. And "partisan" isn't really the correct term. It's really an ideological divide that expresses itself in many ways, including politics.

The divide is evident all around us. We see it on television. We feel it in social media. It is inescapable. It seems every issue has become a "wedge" issue that divides us into two groups that are moving further and further apart.

But rarely do we get to see the divide in raw data, like we did this week...

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Kavanaugh worse than Bork?

The early attacks against Judge Kavanaugh's nomination or the U.S. Supreme Court are working.

According to early polling, Judge Kavanaugh is among the LEAST POPULAR Supreme Court nominees in history. Based on results from three polls, his favorable/unfavorable numbers are nearly as bad as Robert Bork's, who was famously "Borked" by Senate Democrats.

And that's just the beginning...

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