ALERT--Congress Set To Re-Authorize Spying On Americans
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We know there has been a lot of news out of Congress this week...

But this is CRITICAL...

Tomorrow the Senate will begin voting on whether to reauthorize the FISA law that currently allows our federal government to SPY on American citizens without a warrant.

Sadly, RINOs in the House just passed the bill which includes warrantless spying, and now Chuck Schumer is pushing for a key vote TOMORROW.

We have included links below to give you more of a backgrounder, but WE ARE OUT OF TIME!

Grassfire has identified the KEY SENATE RINOs who will likely decide whether the government is allowed to spy on us WITHOUT A WARRANT.

YOU CAN FAX 15 SENATE RINOs right now for just $10 -- we cut the price so that everyone can take action. Go here to let Senate RINOs know where you stand on WARRANTLESS SPYING ON AMERICANS:

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Sen. Rand Paul is taking a stand in the Senate. He is demanding votes on key amendments that will help protect Americans from warrantless spying.

But the RINO-Left UniParty is using scaremongering tactics to try to keep these votes from happening!

Please take action...

#1 -- FAX 15 RINOs right now.

#2 -- Call your two Senators: 202-224-3121

Thanks for taking action!


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