As we've been warning, the RINO Border SELLOUT is happening this week. Here are the details...

Speaker Johnson has promised to bring a massive foreign war spending bill to the House floor THIS WEEK that sends $60 BILLION to fight Ukraine's war while not a single penny is spent to secure our own border.

This has become a RED LINE for patriotic Americans who are sick and tired of the RINO-Left UniParty selling out our own nation!

Here's how the Border SELLOUT will happen...

Because Johnson does not have the votes with patriotic Republicans, under a "suspension of the rules" the Speaker will force a floor vote that will require a super-majority to pass (two-thirds).

That means Speaker Johnson and the RINOs will need near 100% support from DEMOCRATS to pass their Border SELLOUT.

Any Republican who votes for this $60 Billion Border SELLOUT is betraying America First citizens who are facing an invasion here at home that is killing our citizens and destroying our country.

+ + Key Actions TODAY

With the House returning tomorrow and a SELLOUT vote expected this week, we are encouraging patriotic Americans to take two actions TODAY...

+ + Action #1 -- Fax House RINOs -- Prices SLASHED by up to 67%

Grassfire has identified the House RINOs who will most likely team with the Left to sell out our own border while funneling tens of billions to another foreign war!

Grassfire's exclusive FaxFire system will reach 30 House RINOs (incl. Speaker Johnson) for just $15 -- that's a 50% discount! We hope you will go the extra mile and reach 90 House RINOs at a huge 67% discount!

It takes just 3 minutes to fax key House RINOs. Go here to expand your voice and let Congress know where you stand on the Border Sellout:

+ + Action #2 -- Call Your Rep. and Speaker Johnson!

Also, call your Rep. and Speaker Johnson and let them know where you stand on this Border SELLOUT vote.

Capitol Hill Switchboard: 202-225-3121

Speaker Johnson Direct Lines (Call all of them):

  • Speaker's Office: 202-225-4000
  • Johnson's D.C. Rep. Office: 202-225-2777
  • Bossier City (LA) Office: 318-840-0309
  • Natchitoches (LA) Office: 318-951-4316
  • Leesville (LA) Office: 337-423-4232

Again, the Border SELLOUT is happening THIS WEEK! Take Action for America!