On the heels of a horrible RINO-Left spending deal that included ZERO DOLLARS FOR A BORDER WALL, the RINOs in the House are on the verge of FAST-TRACKING their TOTAL SELLOUT OF OUR OWN BORDER

Here's what's happening...

Speaker Johnson is using the same game plan to team with the Left to rush tens of billions to secure Ukraine's border without one cent being spent to secure our own border!

Once again, Johnson will rely on a "suspension of the rules" to pass this Border SELLOUT that will be supported by nearly all Democrats and opposed by more than half of Republicans!

Here's the bad news for the House RINOs...

Grassfire knows PRECISELY who the RINOs are who will most likely team with the Left to sell out our own border while funneling tens of billions to another foreign war!

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One RINO said fast-tracking this BORDER SELLOUT is Speaker Johnson's #1 PRIORITY NEXT WEEK. That leaves us little time to let our voices be heard opposing yet another outrageous sellout of our own border!

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As we have noted, this has been the RINO plan all along! This plan was concocted LAST FALL and the RINOs have been working in lockstep with the Left to make this happen!

The RINO-Left priority all along has been to send tens of billions to fight foreign wars while DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO ACTUALLY SECURE OUR BORDER!

Take action by faxing GOP RINOs in the House and demanding they STOP THE RINO BORDER SELLOUT!


P.S. The RINOs are fast-tracking their plan to spend $60 BILLION securing someone else's border without spending one penny on securing our own border or building a border wall. This is outrageous! Take action here: