Senate RINOs are piling on and trying to STAMPEDE House Republicans and force them to pass the RINO-Left Border SELLOUT.

In fact, Senate RINOs are telling Johnson that DEMOCRATS will have his back if he bypasses the majority of House Republicans and passes the RINO-Left Border SELLOUT!

The Hill is reporting that Sen Thom Tillis, a Republican, said:

"The Democrats will be able to demonstrate if they truly are committed to Ukraine by preventing [the effort to remove Speaker Johnson] from being able to be successful, and it’s within the Democrats’ power to do it."

Lame Duck Senate leader Mitch McConnell says "America's national security depends" on sending Ukraine $60 BILLION -- but apparently our national security DOESN'T depend on securing our own border, according to Mitch!

The RINOs are openly colluding with the Democrats to send $60 BILLION to defend a foreign border while doing NOTHING to protect our own border!

Perhaps you don't care. Perhaps you're just too tired to fight...

But here's the facts...

Our nation and our liberties DEPEND of patriots like you CARING enough to STAY ENGAGED in the fight!

It takes just 3 minutes to fax 30 House RINOs (just $15). Go here to expand your voice and let Congress know where you stand on the Border Sellout:

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Source: The Hill
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