Buried story: Media COLLUDED in anti-Trump Witch Hunt

Buried in the entire anti-Trump Witch Hunt saga has been this little-discussed fact...

The liberal media worked in collusion with very anti-Trump government officials to help create the climate of suspicion against the President in order to justify the Mueller Witch Hunt.

As investigative reporter John Solomon wrote, "Text messages show contacts between key FBI and DOJ players and The Washington Post, The Associated Press and The New York Times during the ramp-up to Mueller’s probe." Solomon adds that the media was...


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The "backdoor" FBI used to get Trump dirt

We now know in detail how Bruce Ohr created a "backdoor" for anti-Trump FBI officials to continue using Michael Steele's bogus intel against President Trump -- after the FBI officially "fired" Steele!

First, Ohr used his influence as a high ranking official in the Attorney General's office to get the bogus Steele dossier in front of the FBI. Here's how investigative journalist John Solomon's writing in The Hill explains what happened next:

When Steele got fired Nov. 1, 2016, by the FBI for leaking to the media, Ohr became a conduit for the bureau to keep getting information from Steele for months. Ohr met at least 12 times in late 2016 and 2017 with FBI agents to provide new intel from the British spy. In other words, Ohr transitioned from being a DOJ supervisor to a backdoor source for the FBI to receive information from a terminated source. 

It gets worse. Solomon explains that Ohr also funneled "research files" from his wife -- who was working for Fusion GPS which was on the Clinton campaign payroll -- to the FBI. And we know that at least some of that bogus anti-Trump information came from a Hillary Clinton close political ally in the Ukrainian government!

So WHO colluded with foreign governments to influence our election? As Solomon writes:

So, Bruce Ohr became a conduit of information not only for intelligence from Clinton’s British opposition-researcher but also from his wife’s curation of evidence from a Clinton foreign ally and Manafort enemy inside Ukraine. Talk about foreign influence in a U.S. election!

Sen. Lindsey Graham called this "systematic corruption at the highest level of the Department of Justice and the FBI against President Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton," and has pledged to get to the bottom of this entire Obama-Clinton conspiracy against President Trump.

We want to send Sen. Graham YOUR PETITION urging him to do just that! Go here to sign the "Investigate the Investigators" petition, and see below for more details.


Click here for original message with more information.

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Do we have a GUN PROBLEM?

In the aftermath of the shootings earlier this month, politicians can't stop talking about gun control.

They see GUNS as the problem. It's all about the guns. So they're gearing up for a major gun control push in early September around three items: so called "red flag" laws, background checks, and limiting "automatic" weapons. 

As I shared with you last week (see below), the real problem we're facing isn't a gun problem, it's a MAN PROBLEM! The common denominator in the vast majority of these shootings, and the California stabbings, and the 300 murders in Baltimore every year is that almost always the violence is caused by men. But politicians will instead focus on guns as if we have a GUN PROBLEM.


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Trump's MASSIVE New Hampshire Rally (the media ignored)

President Trump just held a MASSIVE rally in New Hampshire that attracted 11,000 people PLUS a standing room only crowd outside the arena.

Meanwhile, the media featured Elizabeth Warren's rally of 700 as a BIG DEAL. Of course, they want us to believe that the President has lost his base and is losing momentum. 

These images from the rally tell a far different story!

Here's a look at the arena...

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PROOF: Comey ran "corrupt counterintelligence op" against Trump

FOX News' Gregg Jarrett is confirming what we reported to you yesterday, that "James Comey’s FBI was running a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016." 

Newly released information reveals that Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official, warned DOJ and FBI officials that the Steele dossier was politically motivated and thus unreliable. But that didn't stop Comey's FBI! Jarrett:

The FBI and DOJ ignored the warnings of bias and actively concealed it from the FISC. They never advised the judges that the information contained in the “dossier” was “unverified.” They hid from the judges that it was all funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


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MORE evidence of FBI anti-Trump collusion

BREAKING-- FBI continued to use fake anti-Trump dossier!


If you didn't hear, multiple outlets are reporting that the FBI continued to use the bogus "fake news" anti-Trump Steele dossier as the basis for FISA warrant requests AFTER the FBI had documented that the dossier was clearly an anti-Trump document!

And Bruce Ohr of the Obama Justice Department STAYED IN CONTACT with Steele for months after knowing of Steele's anti-Trump bias!

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BEST Trump calendar!

We just connected with "America's Artist" Jon McNaughton and he has some exciting news...

He just received his first shipment of his 2020 "Believe In Freedom" Wall Calendar featuring his most popular paintings of President Trump, and it looks beautiful! (Go here for a sneak peek!)

Just one problem...

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Oprah has the answer (in part)

In the aftermath of two more tragic shootings this past weekend, politicians and pundits are scrambling to point the finger of blame and push more laws to solve the problem.

Interestingly, Oprah is closer than the politicians and pundits to the real solution for our nation...

+ + Oprah: We are missing "a core moral center"

Just the other day, Oprah offered her thoughts on what our nation needs to solve our current crisis:

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Tell Dems to "Stop Blaming Trump!"

The "blame game" rhetoric of Democrat politicians -- especially many of the presidential candidates -- in aftermath of this weekend's tragic shootings has been despicable. Consider this sampling of how various candidates blamed President Trump for the shootings:

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My reflections on this week's BETRAYAL

I want to reflect for a moment on what just happened this week...

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republican leaders betrayed the Tea Party and every American who is concerned with runaway government spending and debt.
President Trump shares in the blame as well, as he pushed this DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL through from the original shadowy, backroom dealings all the way to the final Senate vote.

So we end up with a deal that INCREASES deficit spending by TWO TRILLION DOLLARS and eliminates any caps on government spending well into the future. We should not believe anything that the leadership of the Republican Party has to say during the 2020 election cycle on government spending, deficits and debts. 

And here's the worst of it...

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