Equality Act vote TODAY

TODAY the full House Judiciary Committee convenes for what is expected to be the first key "markup" vote on the anti-faith "Equality Act."

Those in favor of this radical redefinition of sex, gender, and family are calling today a "historic" day. These activists are ignoring the devastating impact this bill would have on people of faith as well as our families. 

With markup happening NOW, Grassfire's "Stop The Anti-Faith Equality Act" FaxFire gives you an opportunity to get your message through to your members of Congress as well as the members of the House Judiciary Committee immediately. Go here to schedule your faxes NOW:

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MASSIVE ground strategy to pass anti-faith bill

We have just been alerted to a MASSIVE GROUND STRATEGY that is now underway to pass one of the most dangerous threats to religious liberties and family ever to be proposed in Congress.

The Human Rights Campaign is mounting an aggressive campaign called "Month Of Action" with dozens of events in not less than 14 states. With Congress returning from a two-week recess next week AND A VOTE ON THE EQUALITY ACT EXPECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS, this is a critical time to let your voice be heard.

Grassfire is giving citizens who oppose this bill an opportunity to have their voices heard and WILL BE DELIVERING PETITIONS NEXT TUESDAY. If you oppose the anti-faith Equality Act and want your name included in this petition, here's what you need to do...

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Hillary threatens "impeachment"

I need to DOUBLE Grassfire's grassroots impact in the next 45 days...

Because the radical Left simply will not stop their attacks.

They attack faith. They attack family. They attack our very way of life. And then they manage to blame us for America's problems. And they have no love for our president.

+ + Hillary Threatens "Impeachment"

Just yesterday, Hillary Clinton formally responded to the Mueller Report's exoneration of the President of any Russian collusion by threatening... impeachment! After reminded Republicans that they "share the constitutional responsibility to protect the country," she wrote:

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We are fools... without Easter!

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What if I told you that, if you are a follower of Jesus, your entire faith rests on one thing...

Not your ability to follow some moral code, or your knowledge of God, or all the good things you've done.

No, your faith rests on... Jesus.

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SHOCK: FBI paid Fake Dossier maker 11 TIMES!


Judicial Watch is now suing for the records surrounding the at least 11 payments that were made by the FBI to Christopher Steele. Steele was the author of the bogus anti-Trump dossier that was funded by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC and was the primary basis for the two-year-long witch hunt against President Trump. President Trump tweeted that this is more evidence that the "Witch Hunt has been a total fraud... brought to you by Dirty Cops, Crooked Hillary and the DNC."

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Mueller report OUT! Now we must do THIS...

The now-released Mueller Report has CONFIRMED that there was NO COLLUSION -- just as President Trump established all along.

BUT THE LEFT'S ANTI-TRUMP WITCH HUNT IS NOT ENDING! Now they are trying to build a case of "Obstruction" that they are threatening could be impeachable!


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NY and CA: Don't Send Us Illegals!

UPDATE on the Illegals To Sanctuary Cities? Quick Poll --

New York and California officials are bristling at President Trump's announcement that  he plans on sending illegal aliens caught at the border to Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States:

New York Mayor DeBlasio is threatening to SUE the U.S government if Trump sends illegals to his city. Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsome said Trump's plan has a "fundamental flaw in logic."

But isn't it a "fundamental flaw in logic" to be a sanctuary city or state and refuse illegal aliens? With the President prepared to move ahead with his plan, Grassfire wants to know where Grassroots Americans stand on this issue.

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VOTE: Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities?

One-Question Poll:
Should President Trump Send Illegals To Sanctuary Cities?

In one of his boldest "call their bluff" moves of his Presidency, President Trump is now saying he plans on sending illegal aliens caught at the border to Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States:

"Those Illegal Immigrants who can no longer be legally held (Congress must fix the laws and loopholes) will be, subject to Homeland Security, given to Sanctuary Cities and States!"

The President's plan is in response to current law that bans detaining minors more than 20 days -- a virtual free pass into our country for illegals. Of course, the open borders Left is outraged, saying the President is using illegal aliens as "pawns."

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Hearing TODAY on anti-faith Equality Act

Grassfire has just learned that House Democrats have scheduled another hearing on the anti-faith Equality Act for TODAY. LGBTQ activists are calling today's hearing "historic" as they continue to rush this bill through the House.

This hearing is taking place in the House Education Subcommittee on Civil Rights And Human Services. 

We just updated Grassfire's "Stop The Anti-Faith Equality Act" FaxFire to specifically target the members of this committee. Go here now and select BIGGER IMPACT (Level Two) to reach the members of this committee TODAY while they are holding their hearing:

Thank you for taking action, and see below for more on the anti-faith Equality Act.


P.S. Again, we JUST ADDED the committee members involved in today's hearing to the FaxFire. You can reach them TODAY by selecting "Bigger Impact." Let's send 5,000 faxes to Congress TODAY! Take action here.

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"Invasive threat to religious liberty"

As you know, last week the Pelosi-led House Judiciary Committee began expediting through Congress a very dangerous bill -- wrongly named the "Equality Act" -- that pushes a radical LGBT agenda and effectively criminalizes Christianity. 

This bill is not about "equality." It is about stripping away religious liberties and putting people of faith on the wrong side of the law!

The bill does not exempt churches, religious organizations, or Christian schools. In fact, this hostile new bill specifically forbids citizens or organizations from raising a religious free exercise claim as a defense against it!

+ + "Most invasive threat to religious liberty every proposed"

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