Environmentalist Straw Man (Literally)

If you haven't noticed, the environmentalists are on a crusade to eliminate plastic straws. It's all the rage. Unfortunately for the enviros, it's a "straw" argument. Watch this:

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Trump: "Fake News is going Crazy!"

Far-Left, progressive "news" organizations are having a field day criticizing President Trump's press conference yesterday with Russian president Vladimir Putin. It seems like every anti-Trump "talking head," liberal Democrat and Establishment Republican who has an ax to grind against our Commander-in-Chief is doing just that on cable news and social media.

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A song in the night

Have you ever heard a song in the night? How about in a "night season" when it seems there is no song to be heard?

I've been facing some challenges lately. These challenges are "common to man" and certainly pale in comparison to what many others are facing. But they are challenges nonetheless.

And as a result, I find something happening that doesn't make me feel very comfortable...

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The true genius of Trump

This week, immediately after making a historic nomination for the Supreme Court, President Trump departed for Europe and the next phase of his DEFENDING AMERICA AGAIN campaign.

Can you remember the days of Obama and his endless "apology" tours around the world? What a difference with President Trump in the White House! The President is calling out our NATO allies for their unwillingness to pay their fair share to defend western civilization. Then he headed to England with some stern words for the Prime Minister who has weakened Brexit. Trump even noted that Europe is "losing" because uncontrolled immigration is "changing the culture."

Again.... just try to imagine any other American leader making such statements! And herein lies the true genius of Trump

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Two votes that can stop Trump

Two Senators can stop President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh...

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski

These liberal Senators are already coming under intense pressure and scrutiny in this early stage of the confirmation process. Yesterday, both were out making public comments on Judge Kavanaugh and the process -- and neither would commit on how they might vote. But Murkowski is already pointing to abortion rights and gun control as her key litmus tests.

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Trump nominates Kavanaugh, attacks begin

President Trump just made his announcement for his Supreme Court nominee... Judge Brett Kavanagh, a well-qualified candidate who fits the President' campaign pledge of nominating individuals who will interpret the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.

Here's how Kavanaugh described his judicial philosophy last night:

"My judicial philosophy is straightforward.  A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law.  A judge must interpret statutes as written.  And a judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent."

Read Grassfire's briefing on Judge Kavanaugh's legal philsophy.

+ + Attack Campaign Already Under Way

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Confirm Kavanaugh Now Petition

Do you support a fast confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh? Sign the petition!


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Trump did it AGAIN!

Did you see the jobs report?

President Trump did it AGAIN!

First, the economy added over 213,000 jobs in June. And here's the kicker: the number of EMPLOYED Americans reached a record high of 155,576,000 -- after years of seeing more and more people simply choose not to work under Obama! As the President said this week:

"Our economic policy can be summed up in three very simple but beautiful words... Jobs, jobs, jobs."

Despite all the anti-Trump noise... despite all the now open attacks on anyone who supports this President... despite the never-ending, bogus Mueller investigation... despite all the negativity directed at his administration... President Trump is actually leading a revolution to make our nation great again.

But how is Trump doing it?

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The day America decided to win

As I celebrated Independence Day with my family yesterday, an interesting thought struck me...

Why don't we celebrate September 3 as our Independence Day?

After all, that was the day that the Treaty of Paris was signed, formally ending the War for Independence. That was the day we won the battle for independence. So why not celebrate September the Third? The answer reveals an important aspect of what it means to be an American.

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What I learned about Trump

Writing a book is an interesting journey. 

On one hand, you have the "end" in mind when you start. That concept is usually what drives one to write a book in the first place -- some intellectual "destination" that you want to guide the reader to. In this way, book writing is quite deductive. The writer begins with a premise based on experience and then works to the particulars (proofs).

On the other hand, book writing is also inductive. Or more bluntly, surprising.

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