Here are the COVID-19 headlines even Drudge (never mind the MSM) will NOT report:

The FEAR MEDIA is pushing one narrative -- gloom, despair and agony on us. So here's our "CounterDrudge," the stories and headlines even Drudge won't report. (Note: we suggest using Google Chrome browser with auto translation for non-English sourced stories.)

April 7

April 6

April 4-5


April 3

April 2

April 1


March 31

March 30

March 29

March 28

March 27

  • A reasoned proposal 
  • Dr. Birx says DEATH PREDICTIONS WILDLY OFF: "The predictions of the models don't match the reality on the ground." Translation: Not enough people are dying to fit the models! So either WAY MORE people have the virus and aren't really affected (which drops the mortality rate to something like seasonal flu), or it's not as "viral" as they thought. (We suspect way more already infected with no or little symptoms.):

Economic Impact:

March 26

March 25