New York Coronavirus Data Confirms EVERYTHING about age and condition of victims, meaning it's time for a more targeted strategy

We've been searching and searching for REAL U.S. DATA on COVID-19 deaths by age, and it's been mostly missing other than a passing mention by the CDC that "80%" of those who died were over 60.

Until we saw from that New York City posted death by age and condition data for the city (as of April 2).

And the numbers confirm EVERYTHING the global data has been saying (and perhaps our government and the media have been hiding?). Namely that:

  • The VAST MAJORITY of the victims are older (NYC, 70% 65 and over)
  • Very few are under 50 (NYC, 5.8% under 45)
  • Almost NO teenagers or children (NYC, one death under 18, or .07%)
  • Only a fraction have NO OTHER HEALTH CONDITIONS (1.29%)

We put the data on a spreadsheet here (scroll towards bottom). You can also see confirming data from other countries.

Why is this significant?

Two reasons:

  1. The government and media campaign to SCARE US ALL TO DEATH is being exposed by the truth. Yes, this is a serious disease. And yes, many people will die. But the average healthy person has A VERY, VERY SMALL CHANCE OF DYING from this coronavirus.
  2. We MUST IMMEDIATELY implement a new strategy that ONLY quarantines those with co-morbidities (other conditions) and then STRONGLY RECOMMEND that anyone over 70 STAY HOME FOR A FEW MONTHS. And then we send everyone else back to school and work to save the economy so we have money for healthcare!

It's undoubtedly CHEAPER to pay people with serious conditions to stay home. The government could guarantee their jobs, pay their salaries for the duration of the outbreak, require companies to hold their jobs like a "family leave act." For the elderly who choose to stay home, we can have UBER EATS delivery them three squares a day for alot less than TWO TRILLION!!!!



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  • Ed Lamaster
    commented 2020-04-03 12:39:29 -0400
    The source of the market-ticker data is here for anyone searching for it:
  • Kelvin Bamfield
    commented 2020-04-03 03:37:34 -0400
    Yes agree, something didnt add up with the figures. The media has been totally irresponsible in printing inaccurate figures to sell advertising
    Disgusting and also millions of workers out of work no money, SME broke bankrupted, this financial mess will take a long time to get over. I paid my staff to stay or go. I bought them vitamins and looked after them. However fear and panic has disrupted every aspect of life. One thing is that we have learned to wash our hands. But in less fortunate countries they dont have hand sanitising gel and will continue to fight off bacteria and viruses