Here's the growing evidence of tests that show that COVID-19 is not as deadly or dangerous as we've been told/sold

(Initially published 4/23/20)
Despite the hysteria, Grassfire has maintained from the outset of this crisis that the data revealed that COVID-19 was not as deadly or dangerous to the general population as we have been told/sold. All the evidence indicated that the lethality profile was overwhelmingly focused on those with co-morbidities and the elderly. Also, we argued that the initial reports of 3-4% fatality rate grossly overstated the actual infection fatality rate (IFR) which appeared to be closer to the flu or a pandemic flu season.

Here is a summary of the recent studies.

Antibody testing

Antibody testing determines whether a person already has had COVID-19. The testing is revealing that COVID-19 is highly infectious (with many more asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic cases than confirmed cases), with a much lower IFR of .12-.37%.

High mild or asymptomatic rates

Other testing/analysis

Disproportionate impact on the elderly, those with co-morbidities

Less impact under 25; very little mortality in children