We want to give you another opportunity to vote in our "Reopen America?" QuickPoll. In our previous COVID-19 update, we told you about efforts to end economic shutdowns in Minnesota and Texas.

But yesterday, governors in seven Northeast states and three on the West Coast announced plans to relax social-distancing restrictions and work together to reopen for business. According to The Wall Street Journal:

"The announcements by the governors on the East and West Coasts come after a decline in daily U.S. infection rates in recent days has prompted some officials to express cautious optimism that infections may be hitting a plateau as mitigation efforts take hold."

But the newspaper also reports that the governors "haven’t set a timeline for when they plan to reopen their economies." So their plans are all talk at the moment. In fact, The Journal quotes New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) insisting, "There is going to be no epiphany. There will be no headline that says: 'Hallelujah, It’s Over.'"

While it's great news that so many governors are making plans to end their shutdowns, citizens who want to see America reopened must demand a timetable for getting the economy back on track. Empty promises and vague timelines won't get the job done.

That's why Grassfire launched our "Reopen America?" QuickPoll yesterday. We want to know what you think. Should politicians, especially President Trump, work to end the shutdowns ASAP? Or do you think the non-essential U.S. businesses must stay closed until the COVID-19 threat is over? Please click on the "YES!" or "NO!" image below to cast your vote:


Thanks, in advance, for taking action today. Please remember that our QuickPolls are not scientific, nor do they endorse a specific candidate or position. They're for informational purposes only.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. After you take the "Reopen America?" QuickPoll, please forward this email to your family and friends. Urge them to stand with you and make their voices heard. Finally, please see below for today's COUNTERDRUDGE headlines from our Coronavirus Resource Center.

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