Elitist, Big-City Billionaire Has A Lot To Learn About Farming

Watch Paul Harvey's "So God Made A Farmer"

Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg might want to take a few minutes to watch and listen to the video below. His "gray matter" might be better enlightened by learning what it takes to till the soil, grow the crops, care for the flocks and feed the world.

The elitist, big-city billionaire would also do well to watch Grassfire's "So God Made A Patriot." Produced by our staff in 2013, this video celebrates true American patriotism, something that's sorely lacking in many Democrats today. 

We appreciate your willingness to take action in support of hardworking Americans by watching "So God Made A Farmer." Because you took action as a Grassfire team member today, we want to offer you a popular, patriotic product in exchange for your support to help us build in 2020.

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