FOX News' senior political analyst Brit Hume made a startling statement Monday night -- one that many people are thinking but most of the media refuse to admit. Speaking to Shannon Bream on "FOX News @ Night", he said:

"I think it's time to consider the possibility, Shannon, that this lockdown -- as opposed to the more moderate mitigation efforts -- is a colossal public policy calamity. ... (W)e may not recover from many of these losses for a very long time, if ever."

That's what Grassfire has been saying for weeks! While COVID-19 is a very real threat, especially to the elderly and some other at-risk groups, America does NOT need to destroy one of the best economies EVER to keep people safe.

Hume added: "Nobody is talking about going back to exactly where we were. What they're talking about is moving forward, ending the lockdown, allowing people to continue to take the measures of avoiding crowds, washing your hands a lot, social distancing wherever possible. ... Those things are all reasonable precautions and it seems to me we have the experience of suggesting that they work."

The senior political analyst is also making news today for a FOX News podcast he recorded with former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, a leading COVID-19 "watchdog." Berenson, who's now a novelist, has gained a large following on Twitter for his skepticism about many of the pandemic models; hospitalization and death rates; and the need for widespread shutdowns.

During their conversation, Hume asked the registered independent why he's been a "lonely voice" against the coronavirus lockdown. Berensen says "hate" for the President is "a bigger part" of why many in government and the media still aren’t backing down from "draconian" measures:

"It is clear that many people in the media who don't like Donald Trump, on some level, blame him for everything that's happened. That seems to have shaded almost into 'We're not going to recognize that maybe this isn't as terrible as we thought it was a month ago.'"

According to USA Today, more than a dozen states are taking steps to end their lockdowns. But Americans in some 30 other states are waiting for specific timetables for reopening and getting their economies back on track. Empty promises and vague guidelines won't get the job done.

Last week, Grassfire launched our "Reopen America?" QuickPoll. We want to know what you think. Should politicians, especially President Trump, work to end the shutdowns ASAP? Or do you think the non-essential U.S. businesses must stay closed until the COVID-19 threat is over? Please click on the "YES!" or "NO!" image below to cast your vote:


Our QuickPolls are not scientific, nor do they endorse a specific candidate or position. They're for informational purposes only. Grassfire will share the results once we reach 10,000 votes. Thanks, in advance, for taking action today. 

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. After you take the "Reopen America?" QuickPoll, please forward this email to your family and friends. Urge them to stand with you and make their voices heard. Finally, please see below for our latest COUNTERDRUDGE headlines from our Coronavirus Resource Center.

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