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December 16

Featured video: restaurant owner pushes back:

December 14


December 11


December 10


December 8

December 2

November 17

Featured Video: OAN exposes COVID death counting:


November 13


November 10

Featured video: Tucker Carlson's assessment:

November 9


November 6

November 5


November 4

November 2

Featured Video #1: Miami Latino Masses sing for trump!

Featured Video #2: Kamala goes all communist!



October 31

Featured Video: Joe, what did you say?

Featured Video #2: the building of the TRUMP hollywood sign:




October 30

Featured Video #1: America, listen to Barry:

Featured video #2: Scarborough admits economy is booming:


October 29

Featured Video: Trump and Biden "rallies" side by side!

Featured Video #2: Cruz exposes Dorsey's hypocrisy!!!

And this...






October 27

Featured Video: Truck runs over cop in Philly BLM riot:

Cops run from rioters:



October 23

Featured Video: Trump confronts Leslie Stahl on Biden Crime Family coverup:

Featured Video #2: FoxNews focus group on debate:


October 22

Featured Video: Biden, "America is an idea... we've never lived up to it":


October 20

Featured Video: Ben Shapiro voting for Trump:

Featured Article: Trafalgar Group predicts Trump victory




October 19

Featured Video: Trump-- Biden is a corrupt politician:


October 16

Featured Video: Tucker Explains Hunter Biden Email Scandal:

Featured Video #2: Rudy Giuliani explains:


October 12

Featured Video: "Boring" at Biden "rally":

October 9

Featured Video: You'll know my opinion on court packing after the election:

Featured Video #2: Hannity Phoner with the President:



October 8

Featured Video: President Trump from White House

October 7

Featured Video: Hannity on the declassifications:




October 6

Featured Video #1: Trump arrives at White House:

Featured Video #2: Cuomo's Hate on display:

Featured Video #3: Biden back to blundering:



October 5

Featured Video: The Drive By

  • WHY TRUMP WILL WIN -- 29 days to the election
    • The images from Friday of the President walking to Marine One for the short flight to the hospital were quickly replaced by a vibrant and strong President speaking to the nation and then getting in "the beast" to personally thank those who have stood in vigil outside of Walter Reed. Of course, the Left's heads collectively exploded, but the President was making his point -- he is a fighter and he has never stopped fighting for this country. In fact, he continued to take presidential actions that further cement his conservative credentials and show that, in sickness, he accomplishes more than Biden does in relative health.
    • What happens next is anyone's guess, but if the President's health truly returns quickly and the GOP refuses to cave to the Left on Amy Barrett, the lasting image going to election day will be of a President and a party who are fighting the good fight. Trump wins the weekend.



October 2

Featured Video: One clip from CNN's outrageous over-reaction to the Trump news:

October 1

Featured Video: Cruz/Cuomo shutdown

September 30

Featured Video: Laura Ingraham on key moments:




September 28

Featured Video: Amy Coney Barrett's White House remarks:

Featured Video #2 -- Project Veritas vote by mail expose:


September 25

Featured Video: Mom assaulted, tased at HS football game for NO MASK!

Featured Video #2: Rioters chase, attack person in Prius:

September 24

Featured Video: Louisville officer "shots fired"



September 23

Featured Video: Kyle Rittenhouse... the Truth:


September 22

Featured Video: Tucker on Dems' ridiculous Ginsburg's "fervent dying wish" demand:

Featured Video #2: Kim Klacik video nails it!



September 21

Featured Video: After "calling a lid" (cancelling events) on Saturday, Biden exhausted as he begins speech:

September 18

Featured Video: BIDEN claims Trump killed EVERYONE who died of COVID!

September 17

Featured Video: Bill Barr Says Lockdown like "House Arrest" and "the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history":



September 16

Featured Video #1: Biden plays "Despacito" (which means "slowly"):

Featured video #2: Tucker with COVID whistleblower:


September 15

Featured Video: Security Footage of LA Deputies fighting for their lives:



September 14

Featured Video: LA bystander does nothing to help sheriff deputies who have been shot; just laughs:


September 11

Featured Video: "Back Stage" Video from Trump Peaceful Protest in MIchigan:

Featured Video #2: Tucker Exposes Anarchists behind riots:

September 10

Featured Video: Hannity interview with President Trump who explains Woodward interview:

Today's MUST READ: How Fauci misled the early COVID data, causing panic


September 9

Featured Video #1: "We love you" to President Trump:

Featured Video #2: Pelosi says GOP doesn't want to wear masks... after not wearing a mask!

September 8

Featured Video: BLM rioters harass restaurant customers:

Featured Video #2: Tucker on where Fauci went wrong and America went off the cliff:

September 4

Featured Video: Nancy Antoinette should step down!

September 3

Featured Video: Tucker interviews the Salon owner:

Featured Video #2: Pelosi mashup:



September 2

Featured Video: Tucker calls out Nancy's Hair Cut Hypocrisy:

Featured Video #2: Hannity-- Dems desperate:


September 1

Featured Video #1: How the Left fomented the rioting:

Featured Video #2: President Trump's interview with Laura Ingraham:


August 31

Featured Video #1: Portland BLM radicals cheer death of Patriot Prayer member: (warning obscenity)

Featured Video #2 -- RIP Jay Bishop (aka Aaron Danielson)

Featured video #3: Kelley Paul: "It was like a bloodthirsty mob... I felt like we were going to lose our lives"

  • WHY TRUMP WILL WIN -- 64 days to the election
    • While the media suppressed the horrific encounter with rioters that Sen. Rand Paul and his wife had after the RNC convention, the video still is getting out. Mrs. Paul called it a "bloodthirsty mob" and thought she was going to die. Then over the weekend, a Trump supporter in Portland was gunned down in the street, after which BLM radicals cheered. So the President spent the weekend going on the attack against Democrat mayors and governors, while the polls continue to confirm that Americans are afraid and want this all stopped. Meanwhile, Biden blamed the President for the death of the Trump supporter in Portland.
    • But all this is forcing Biden out of the basement today. It may be too late. Trump is headed to Kenosha, and the polls are all trending his way. There's even talk he'll win Minnesota.
  • Biden Chronicles


August 28

Featured Video #1: Ann Dorn, widow of murdered retired police officer David Dorn:

Featured Video #2: Rand Paul Gets Attacked:


August 27

Featured Video #1: Tucker Carlson on Kenosha and America's Class War:

Featured Video #2: Mike Pence


August 26

Featured Video: Emotional Pardon Ceremony at White House


August 25

Featured Video #1: Sen. Tim Scott--From Cotton to Congress in one lifetime

#2: Tucker--When do we get our country back?

August 24

Featured Video: America is burning (Wisconsin style)

August 21

Featured Video: Laura Ingraham-- Dems have learned NOTHING since 2016


August 20

Featured Video: Kamala's very uncomfortable close... long pause... silence... then the fake zoom audience:

August 19

Featured Video: New movie trailer on RussiaGate hoax:




August 18

Featured Video #1: Shocking Dystopian Video of NYC:

Featured Video #2: Tucker Exposes Post Office Conspiracy Insanity!

August 17

Featured Video: Portland BLM protestor kicks man on ground (warning: shocking video with obscene language)


August 14

Featured Video: AG Barr UNLOADS during "Hannity" TV appearance:


August 13

Featured Video: Melbourne woman taken to ground by cops in COVID lockdown:

August 12

Featured Video: Trump Harris campaign Ad


August 11

Featured Video: Trump says Obama guilty of treason!


August 10

Featured Video: AG Barr with Levin -- MUST WATCH!

August 7

Featured Video: Tucker Carlson on America's transformation since New Year's Day

August 6

Featured Video: