Fax Lawmakers Now! Tell Them To End Pelosi's War On The Post Office!

Democrats are using the COVID FEARDEMIC to push for wide-scale voting by mail in the upcoming presidential election. They're also hinting that, without it, a re-election victory by President Trump would be "illegitimate." Not only does mail-in voting (as opposed to absentee voting) create a very real and widespread possibility of voter fraud, it's impractical to ask or expect the United States Postal Service to handle that kind of volume -- and responsibility -- this close to Election Day.

+ + URGENT ACTION: Send "No Fraud" Faxes to your Governor, Senators, Representative, as well as key House and Senate leaders now!

If you want lawmakers to make sure mail fraud doesn't impact the results of the presidential election on November 3, then send your personalized "SAY 'NO!' TO VOTE BY MAIL!" faxes to your governor, your congressional delegation and select House and Senate leaders -- up to 20 faxes -- FOR JUST $3.

Go the extra mile by selecting LEVEL TWO and reach EVERY Republican Senator. Tell the GOP to vote "NO!" on the Democrats' phony and unnecessary billion-dollar bailout. Choose LEVEL THREE and expand your impact to include ALL remaining Governors on our list. To see the complete file of FaxFire targets and their contact information, click here. (Note: Unfortunately, not every U.S. governor has an accessible fax line or fax number.)

Simply complete the form below to schedule your faxes FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY and demand politicians "Say 'NO!' To Vote By Mail!" and the Democrats' war on the post office. If possible, select LEVEL TWO to expand your impact and reach every GOP Senator! This is such a critical issue!

Once you select your fax level below, you will be directed to a page where you can customize your fax message and finalize your order.

Fax your governor, U.S. representative and two U.S. Senators, along with key House and Senate leaders (up to 20 faxes).
Fax all the above, PLUS every remaining GOP Senator (up to 68 faxes).
Fax all the above, PLUS every remaining Governor (up to 117 faxes).