UPDATE: 9:00 a.m. ET, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023

A Senate vote on BILLIONS more dollars of taxpayer-funded Ukraine aid is scheduled for later today. As of last night, GOP Senators were holding the line on their demands that Joe's Regime secure the U.S. border BEFORE protecting Ukraine's.

Yesterday afternoon, Republican Senators reportedly marched out of a Ukraine briefing because the White House "is refusing to engage on border security issues." POLITICO says the bipartisan discussion on the $111-BILLION aid package "went south on Tuesday due to a fight over the border, prompting normally level-headed GOP lawmakers to storm out of the meeting."

Republican Senators appear to be standing strong and staying united (finally) to force Joe's Regime to stop the invasion of illegal aliens across America's southern border. Or this could be more of the GOP Establishment's usual "play fight and surrender" strategy. "America First" patriots will find out soon!

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Do you want Senate Republicans to take a stand to protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY today by securing America's southern border? Or should GOP Senators fund Joe's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine first? See our previous update below to vote now in our "Ukraine Aid?" QuickPoll.

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Tuesday afternoon:

QuickPoll: Do you support Ukraine aid or protecting the U.S. border?

Democrat and RINO Senators want to pass a $111 BILLION, foreign-aid package to help (mostly) Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, without taking ANY ACTION to protect America's southern border. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has scheduled a crucial vote TOMORROW (Wednesday) that's expected to fail. But GOP Senators MUST stand strong and stay united. POLITICO reports:

"Schumer moved to set up a vote for Wednesday that will almost certainly fail due to the ongoing border security negotiations that hit an impasse in recent days. Given the intractable problems that bipartisan negotiators are finding as they search for a workable deal on the border, some senators think at least a looming deadline will help them focus. ... The stakes are higher for this week's vote than for most filibusters by the Senate minority party."

American taxpayers already have given Ukraine close to $200 BILLION to help fight Joe's proxy war against Russia, but that's not nearly enough for the D.C. Uni-Party. But as Punchbowl News reported yesterday, "Senate Republicans have vowed to block any foreign aid bill that doesn't include significant policy changes to stem the unprecedented flow of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border."

With a crucial Senate vote scheduled for TOMORROW (Wednesday), Grassfire wants to know where you stand on giving BILLIONS more U.S. dollars to other countries versus protecting America's southern border. Please make your voice heard in our new "Ukraine Aid?" QuickPoll now.

Should Congress to protect the U.S. southern border before spending BILLIONS more tax dollars to fund Joe's proxy war against Russia? If so, click here or on the "BORDER FIRST!" image below. Or, do you think the U.S. needs to continue supporting Ukraine, possibly at the expense of America's safety, sovereignty and way of life? If so, click here or on the "UKRAINE FIRST!" image below.


After voting, please forward this message to your friends and family members. We want to know what they think, too. Our staff will share the results after reaching 10,000 responses. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard today in Grassfire's new "Ukraine Aid?" QuickPoll.

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