Silicon Valley Collusion?

The Human Rights Campaign has announced a coalition of businesses supporting the Equality Act -- and it looks as if all the leaders of Silicon Valley have COLLUDED to join together and get behind this radical, anti-faith bill.

Here's a short list of Silicon Valley elites who are pushing this bill that criminalizes Christianity and (as we explain below) forces citizens to fund and even perform abortions: Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle, Intel, Cisco, eBay, Dropbox, Netflix, Adobe, HP, Pinterest, Salesforce, and Twitter to name a few. Add in Amazon (based in Seattle) and virtually all the power brokers who control the Internet have teamed together to push this radical bill.

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Barr in contempt? Trump rides on!

Yesterday, House Democrats held Attorney General William Barr in "contempt of Congress." 

Trump rides on!

Presidential hopeful, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, railed from the Senate floor about impeaching the President...

Trump rides on!

The manager of the Boston Red Sox and several players announced they can't visit the White House because they have such strong disagreements with the President...

Trump rides on!

The New York State Senate passed a special bill specifically to give Congress access to Trump's state tax returns...

Trump rides on!

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Abortion Bully to pro-life mom: "Shame on you!"


It appears the video of PA state Rep. Brian Sims bullying pro-life teens that we sent yesterday has been removed from Sims' Facebook page (we don't know if Sims removed it or if FB did). You can view the video here or here

New video even more harassing...
Sims has already doubled down, posting a second video in which he goes after a person he calls an "old white lady." In this video, Sims berates and shames this women. You can watch Sims' new video here (or click on the image). Here's just a short sample of what Sims said during this 8+ minute video:

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Breaking: Equality Act also mandates abortion?

With the House planning a full floor vote on the anti-faith Equality Act NEXT WEEK, we are just now learning the full ramifications of this dangerous bill. In addition to effectively CRIMINALIZING CHRISTIANITY by elevating gender "identity" to a protected status, the bill also will effectively force citizens to FUND and even PERFORM abortions!

This is because the Equality Act not only expands protections based on "sexual orientation" and gender identity," Pelosi and her team have also included in the definition of the word "sex" the following:

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UPDATE on Equality Act

Grassfire has just learned through sources that the House is planning a full floor vote on the anti-faith Equality Act for NEXT WEEK.

The vote has not yet been publicly announced, but the word on the Hill indicates that the House floor vote will be put on the schedule this Friday and take place next week. 

We have also learned that Republicans have at their disposal a procedural maneuver that could kill the legislation in the House and avoid a major showdown in the Senate (sources say the bill may be within a few votes of passage in the Senate). Grassfire has re-set our "Stop The Anti-Faith Equality Act" to get your message directly to your Represenative along with the key GOP leaders who can stop this -- starting with the House Freedom Caucus.


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PA State Rep Harasses Pro-Life Teenagers


Here we see an elected official in Pennsylvania (Brian Sims) shaming pro-life teenagers who are standing peacefully outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. He goes so far as to offer them $100 if they will say their names. The Left claims to be the guardians of tolerance, yet they time and time again are the agents of intolerance.


It appears the video of PA state Rep. Brian Sims bullying pro-life teens that we originally senthas been removed from Sims' Facebook page (we don't know if Sims removed it or if FB did). You can view the video here or here

After you watch the video, please sign the End Abortion Now petition. When we reach 15,000 signers, we'll deliver the petitions to Rep. Sims.


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He did it AGAIN!

I don't know how "America's Artist" Jon McNaughton does it...

But he just announced his newest painting, and I believe it expresses precisely how millions of Americans feel about President Trump and where we are in this battle to Make America Great Again.

Go here to see McNaughton's newest painting...


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Pelosi says Barr LIED TO CONGRESS!

Having come up empty from the Mueller Report, Democrats are now turning their guns on Attorney General William Barr. Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exploded in a meeting on Capitol Hill and also at a press conference. According to Politico, Pelosi said, "[Barr] lied to Congress. He lied to Congress. And if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime. Nobody is above the law."

Rep. Charlie Crist called it "perjury" and openly talked about launching "contempt of Congress" proceedings that could lead to impeaching Barr.

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Do you support A.G. Barr?

Quick Poll -- Do You Support A.G. Barr?

During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Willaim Barr stood firm on his previous statements:

1. President Trump did NOT collude with the Russians.

2. Because Trump was falsely accused, there was no obstruction.

3. The FBI overreach in the investigation needs to be examined (i.e. we must INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS).

But Democrat outrage only grows regarding Barr's handling of the Mueller Report. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming that Attorney General William Barr LIED to Congress.

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Equality Act vote TODAY

TODAY the full House Judiciary Committee convenes for what is expected to be the first key "markup" vote on the anti-faith "Equality Act."

Those in favor of this radical redefinition of sex, gender, and family are calling today a "historic" day. These activists are ignoring the devastating impact this bill would have on people of faith as well as our families. 

With markup happening NOW, Grassfire's "Stop The Anti-Faith Equality Act" FaxFire gives you an opportunity to get your message through to your members of Congress as well as the members of the House Judiciary Committee immediately. Go here to schedule your faxes NOW:

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