Update: Tuesday, July 11, 2023

The usually "centrist" Wall Street Journal published a shocking opinion in Monday's paper. The editorial board supports Joe supplying Ukraine with internationally banned cluster bombs to use against Russia:

"Our only criticism is that the decision could have done more good earlier. ... But 123 countries—not including the U.S., Ukraine or Russia—have signed a treaty banning their use because the unexploded bomblets can harm civilians years after the fighting has ceased."

Let's finally use BANNED cluster bombs? It reads as if the WSJ is saying America has already waited too long to help Ukraine possibly injure, maim and kill innocent Russians in Joe's proxy war. Really?

Is adding potential WAR CRIMES to Joe's list of scandals, failures and tyranny the last straw for "America First" patriots? If so, Grassfire is empowering our team members to petition GOP House leaders, demanding Joe's impeachment.

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In yesterday's "Joe Must Go!" update (see below), we explain how last week's WHITE HOUSE COCAINE SCANDAL has given way to accusations of possible war crimes this week. These failures -- and many others -- are increasingly happening under Joe's watch.

This series of scandals would severely threaten a Republican presidency, but whether they mean the end for Joe is up to "American First" patriots like you. Take action by clicking here to add your name now now. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard this morning.

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Monday evening:

Last week, it was cocaine found INSIDE the White House. (The search for the culprit continues.) This week, it's sending INTERNATIONALLY BANNED cluster bombs to Ukraine to fight his proxy war against Russia. When will Joe's mounting scandals FINALLY climax with Republicans impeaching him? The Gateway Pundit reports that, just last year, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki condemned the use of cluster bombs as a "war crime":

"The Biden regime has approved cluster bombs for Ukraine, under the justification that 'but Russia used them first.' ... The overall thrust of her comment suggests that only the 'bad guys' would use these little bomblets that tend to be left lying on the ground, unexploded, until little children come along and pick them up, blowing their little bodies to smithereens."

According to Military•com, "U.S. officials said Thursday that the cluster munitions would be part of about $800 million in new military assistance to Ukraine." The cluster bombs are banned in 123 countries -- but not the U.S., Ukraine or Russia.

Apparently, no amount of taxpayer money and no risk to innocent civilians is too high for Joe and his pal, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In January, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget reported that American "investment" for Joe's proxy war with Russia in Ukraine totaled an astonishing $113 BILLION in 2022. That number continues to grow and grow and grow!

Grassfire is empowering team members to say, "Enough is enough!" Sign the "Joe Must Go!" national petition to demand GOP leaders IMPEACH the "Commander-in-Thief." Click here or on the banner below to add your name now and make your voice heard:

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Impeachment proceedings ALWAYS begin in the House. With Republicans in control of the Lower Chamber, they can call for a vote to remove Joe from office. With a potential WAR CRIMINAL residing in the Oval Office, isn't it time for the GOP to take action?

Click here to demand GOP leaders take immediate action and add your name to the "Joe Must Go!" national petition now. When the "Joe Must Go!" national petition reaches 20,000 signatures, Grassfire representatives will deliver your petition to GOP leaders on Capitol Hill.

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The Grassfire Team

P.S. Lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill today, which means it's time for the GOP to turn up the heat on these scandals. If you want Republican House leaders to demand answers, go here to sign the "Joe Must Go!" national petition now:


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