Demand GOP Reps Call For Joe Biden's Resignation, Removal Or Impeachment!

Joe Biden's two years in the Oval Office have been a disaster. Americans have faced skyrocketing inflation, record-breaking fuel costs, a border crisis, COVID tyranny, supply-chain issues, rising crime and a multi-BILLION-dollar proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. Now, he's been caught with classified documents at two separate locations -- his Delaware garage and a private, D.C. office -- which reportedly have been there since his days as Vice President!

The Biden Regime is failing at home and abroad. Many Americans believe he isn't up to the job of president and are calling for him to resign, be removed from office or impeached. If you've seen enough of Joe Biden's dereliction of duty and failures, call on Republicans to take action to end his lies, far-Left policies and "Hate America" agenda.

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