A few words about Grassfire's FaxFire system

Grassfire has developed our own proprietary FaxFire system that delivers personalized fax messages to members of Congress and other public officials. Our system only attempts to deliver fax messages to those who have confirmed valid fax numbers (for example, some members of Congress no longer accept faxes and thus are not included in fax campaigns). Our system also will re-attempt to a number when a fax does not go through. At times, our system may be unable to deliver a fax to one or more contacts on the list due to a busy signal or other transmission issues.  Due to these and other issues, Grassfire cannot guarantee (nor do we expect) 100% delivery for every recipient on every fax order.

Recent delivery rates:

  • 9/30-10/24/2022: 100% sent; 95% successfully delivered
  • 8/1-23/2022: 100% sent; 94.5% successfully delivered

Statement updated October 2022