Had Enough Of Joe Biden And His Regime? Take Action By Adding Your Name Now!

Joe Biden's 21 months in the Oval Office have been a disaster. Inflation is skyrocketing; the illegal-immigration crisis is out of control; COVID tyranny is infringing on Americans' constitutional rights; crime rates are rising; fuel costs are reaching record-breaking levels and more.

Now, in an effort to deflect from his horrible job performance and impending "red wave" on Election Day, the so-called "Commander-in-Chief" continues attacking "MAGA Republicans." Joe Biden MUST be held accountable for his repeated hate speech, vilifying half of America!

If you've seen enough of Mr. Biden's dereliction of duty and presidential failures, call on Republicans in Congress to remove him as Commander-in-Chief for his unAmerican, far-Left policies, and a seemingly endless string of embarrassing public gaffes, mistakes and miscues.

You can demand GOP Representatives and Senators take bold action to save America from the Biden regime! Sign the "Joe Must Go!" national petition now and call on Republican lawmakers to push for his immediate resignation, removal or impeachment.

Petition: "Joe Must Go!"

As a taxpaying American citizen, I have seen enough of Joe Biden's lies, gaffes, weaknesses and far-Left policies to know he's not fit to serve as America's Commander-in-Chief. I urge you, a duly elected member of the U.S. Congress, to take immediate action to impeach Joe Biden, demand he resign, or remove him from office for his dereliction of duty and presidential failures.

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