In an emailed letter yesterday, a defiant Alvin Bragg refused to cooperate with a Republican-led House investigation into his possible indictment of President Trump. The Manhattan district attorney claimed in his communique to three committee chairs that "Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested."

Really? Well, if America's 45th president was wrong about the arrest claim, why did Bragg take five days to refute it? Why not say something right away to clarify that an arrest is NOT imminent? Could it be because the New York City DA is having cold feet after five days of intense media coverage and legal scrutiny about his "legally pathetic" case against Mr. Trump?

In last night's update, Grassfire explored the possibility that Bragg might be getting "cold feet" over indicting President Trump. If you missed that email, please see below. If you want to take immediate action to tell House and Senate Republicans to keep fighting this latest witch hunt, click here or on the banner below now to demand key GOP leaders "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!":

Grassfire wants to rallying thousands of "America First" patriots to protest another outrageous witch hunt against President Trump. The grand jury isn't meeting for a second day in a row, but that doesn't mean an indictment won't come next week. Make your voice heard!

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P.S. Again, if you missed last night's email about why Mahanttan District Attorney Alvin Bragg might be feeling the heat over his witch hunt of President Trump, please see below. To take immediate action and demand Republicans in the House and Senate "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!", go here:

Thursday evening:


The Wall Street Journal reports that the grand jury investigating President Trump didn't convene today, as expected, in New York City. Apparently, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had other "business" for the panel that didn't include handing up an indictment:

Grand jurors are scheduled to meet Thursday, but are expected to hear another matter unrelated to Mr. Trump, the people said. It is common for grand juries in New York to hear multiple cases at a time. Grand jury schedules can be unpredictable because panels juggle cases with competing demands and deadlines, former prosecutors said.

It appears Bragg might be getting cold feet regarding his efforts to indict President Trump over an alleged crime that the Justice Department and Federal Election Commission refused to pursue. Or maybe he's feeling the heat from the firestorm he ignited by attacking America's 45th president and the GOP front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Not only are Republicans demanding Bragg's arrest for "prosecutorial misconduct" (after charges he "hid" nearly 600 pages of "exculpatory evidence" from the grand jury), the DA also appears to be losing the support of legal experts, liberal pundits and high-ranking Democrats. (Learn more here.)

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As questions mount over whether or not the Manhattan DA will go through with indicting President Trump, Grassfire is urging our team members to keep up the pressure to end this latest with hunt against "45"! An indictment could be IMMINENT! Make your voice heard!

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IT IS NO ACCIDENT the pending indictment was leaked just as news broke confirming the Biden Crime Family payoff with China! An activist, far-Left District Attorney, literally, is manufacturing a case against the 45th president of the United States and current 2024 GOP front-runner.

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P.S. America's justice system is not supposed to be used to target political enemies, but that's EXACTLY what's happening. So, Grassfire is empowering thousands of "America First" patriots to stand against this latest, outrageous witch hunt against President Trump. Go here to sign the "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" national petition now with just a few clicks: