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The radical, unhinged Left refuses to end their "War on Trump"! The Russia hoax, fake witch hunts, TWO impeachments, an FBI raid, bogus indictments and arrests of President Trump are ALL "third-world," "banana-republic" tactics. Joe's Regime are attacking their #1 political opponent and the current front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

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This "War On Trump" is outrageous and must end now! Sign this EMERGENCY PETITION to demand Congress take action to stop the attacks on President Trump. Make your voice heard!

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I am outraged that members of the radical, unhinged Left are continuing to attack President Trump with the goal of destroying him and keeping him from running for president again. The release of the Durham Report, which exposed the Deep State's Russia hoax and other efforts to undermine America's 45th president, should have been the last straw! I demand Congress take action to stop the witch hunts and political attacks against President Trump.

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