What to expect in today's joint session to certify a Biden "victory"

What promises to be a historic showdown on Capitol Hill is now just three hours away. Several previous presidential elections have been contested -- but not like this. While the 1888, 1960 and 2000 votes also were contentious, an election fight this long hasn't been seen since 1876. Back then, Congress established an electoral commission in January 1877 of five Representatives, five Senators and five Supreme Court justices to resolve a dispute between and Democrat Samuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford Hayes -- the eventual winner.

Members of the House and Senate will meet in a joint session of Congress today to certify the electoral votes cast in every state on December 14. While Joe Biden "officially" passed the 270 vote threshold for an Electoral College "victory" last month, Republican electors in seven states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Mexico and Wisconsin) cast "competing slates" of ballots for President Trump. According to PBS, here's what Americans can expect today (and possibly tomorrow) at the U.S. Capitol:

"The joint session will hear the electoral vote count from each state, one by one, in alphabetical order. If at least one House member and one Senator object to any state electoral count, the joint session will immediately pause. Next, the chambers will separate, with each holding up to two hours of debate on that state’s electoral count. The chambers will then vote on the objection and return to the joint session."

Evidence of massive, widespread voter fraud related to unconstitutional mail-in ballots, along with blatant election-law violations in key battleground states, has led dozens of Republican lawmakers to pledge they will contest the electoral votes of several states. The American people can expect contentious and extended debate over this contested election to last well into tomorrow. But if Republicans in Congress are going to "Stop The Steal!" of the 2020 presidential election, they MUST take action NOW!

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. The COVID-inspired, vote-by-mail scams that Democrats insisted on months ago have brought America to where it is now -- on the brink of a stolen election! Liberty-loving Americans can't let radical Democrats and the Unhinged Left get away with robbing Donald Trump of his second term! The Republican-controlled Senate and key GOP House members targeted in our "Stop The Steal!" FaxFire MUST take immediate action! Click here or on the banner below now to fax up to 55 House and Senate lawmakers for just $30 or up to 101 Representatives and Senators for only $50:


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  • Fabia Barsic
    commented 2021-01-07 13:05:55 -0500
    I agree with Leichsenring

    You can’t fight evil bullying thieves by faxes or peaceful assembly in this country any longer. Tyranny must be fought in every way that is possible.

    These people are the fearless and we should be proud of them since they brought the media in to see what most of america thinks about hypocritical lying tyrannical beaurocrats. The woman who gave her life to this country yesterday at the Capitol will always be my hero. A proud veteran and fighter for justice.
  • Michael Leichsenring
    commented 2021-01-07 11:01:38 -0500
    I’ve got news for Grassfire.org and Fred Benson: THE FOUNDING FATHERS DIDN’T WIN OUR FREEDOMS BY PEACFUL ASSEMBLY AND SIGNING PETITIONS! I’ve donated a lot of money to grassfire.org, paid for faxfires, and signed petitions for the last 15 years. The deep state laughs at us, they think that everybody is going to just stay peaceful, just like the Jews in the 1930’s in Germany. When it comes time to fight, just like in the colonies in 1776, most people, like YOU, coward away. I will NEVER donate or sign petitions or pay for faxfires ever again. Shame on you Cowards!
  • Fred Benson
    commented 2021-01-06 16:24:54 -0500
    This Stop The Steal petition went up in smoke as the MAGA supporters acted like Black Lives Matter thugs. Steve, “Stop the Steal” turned out to be a humiliating epic fail. “Helping America thrive?” More like helping America get embarrassed! The whole world is laughing at us, because of the aftermath of “Stop the Steal.” I didn’t know that Grassfire was harming America, instead of helping America. Steve Elliott, the man behind “Stop the Steal…”, the instigator of what’s going on now in DC. I’m embarrassed to see Grassfire Nation stoop lower than Black Lives Matter. What are we going to do now, Mr. Elliott?
  • Fred Benson
    commented 2021-01-06 15:35:25 -0500
    “Help us fight back!” It looks like right now, Grassfire Nation is making fools of themselves. There is even someone being shot! I’m just disappointed that Grassfire has caused Trump supporters to act just like the thugs from Black Lives Matter. Thanks, Steve Elliott. Because of you and Grassfire, we patriots have embarrassed our country. Thanks for nothing, Grassfire.
  • Fabia Barsic
    commented 2021-01-06 15:14:27 -0500
  • George & Susan Dolan
    commented 2021-01-06 11:15:00 -0500
    I want Congress to reject 4 years of Communism and Marxism at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Stop the steal.
  • John S Stanley
    commented 2021-01-06 11:03:18 -0500
    Stop the steal. Fight for our Nation. If you don’t stand up against the left you want get another chance.
  • Fred Benson
    commented 2021-01-06 10:41:29 -0500
    We already lost the House, and now, the Senate. 24 minutes from now, I want Congress to reject 4 years of Communism and Marxism at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 140+ GOP Congresspeople don’t want Biden/Harris to win officially. But Pelosi’s the House Speaker. I can’t do a FaxFire, but I want the GOP to help get Trump 4 more years. And McConnell? Come to your senses, man. You are the REAL reason Loeffler and Perdue lost last night. I hope Mitch McConnell gets impeached because of last night. Let’s Keep America Great. Don’t let Biden win.
  • Tina Fox
    published this page in News 2021-01-06 10:04:47 -0500