Former FBI Director James Comey appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. By video from his home, he faced questions from Republican Senators about the FBI's bogus "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation of President Trump's campaign and transition team.

When pressed by committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham about the infamous Steele Dossier, which was full of Russian disinformation about the President, the fired FBI chief played dumb. Under oath, Comey testified: "I don't remember any information reaching me about the source for Steele."

CBS News Senior Investigative Correspondent Catherine Herridge noted the significance of his memory lapse by tweeting:

"WHY IT MATTERS: Newly declassified records show FBI Russia team knew as early as Dec 2016 the primary source for the Steele dossier was the subject of 2009 FBI investigation."

On September 24, Herridge also reported via Twitter: "The primary sub-source for the Steele dossier was deemed a possible 'national security threat' + the subject of 2009 FBI counter-intel probe." The proof is there, indicating Comey knew the anti-Trump info was garbage, yet he now says he can't remember?!

The ObamaGate lies border on pathological. Comey is a man who the Justice Department inspector general said leaked sensitive law-enforcement material in the Trump-Russia investigation. He paints himself as a patriot, calling the Russia-collusion Witch Hunt "appropriate" and "essential that it be done."

Yet, he admits that aspects of "Crossfire Hurricane" were "sloppy" and "embarrassing." Finally, he's done nothing but enrich himself with a lucrative book deal and six-figure speaking engagements in the wake of his treacherous (and possibly treasonous) acts.

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@CBS_Herridge: Sept. 30 (Twitter)

@CBS_Herridge: Sept. 24 (Twitter)

Comey Defends Russia Inquiry in Senate Testimony (The New York Times)

James Comey is swimming in cash between six-figure speaking fees, writing contracts, and his book deal (Business Insider)

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