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"Smoking Gun" exposes Clinton and Obama FBI as co-conspirators in anti-Trump Witch Hunt. Fax Senate and demand Investigation!

Thank you for taking a stand on this critical issue. Your voice is being counted! Now that we have the "smoking gun" that both the Clinton campaign and the Obama FBI were behind the politically motivated "Trump Collusion" Witch Hunt, it's time for Senate Republicans to conduct a full investigation.

++Action: Fax Senate Judiciary Committee and demand an investigation!

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If you believe it's time to INVESTIGATE the real collusion story between the Obama FBI, the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and Russian actors, send faxes now. (See fax targets here.)

Fax your Senators, Rep., and GOP Senators on Judiciary Committee (up to 15 faxes)
Fax above PLUS all GOP Senators (up to 54 faxes)
Fax above PLUS all Senators (up to 101 faxes)