Despite the constant attacks from the Biden Regime and radical, unhinged Left, President Trump renewed his pledge this weekend to "keep fighting" for the American people. At his "Save America" rally in Michigan on Saturday night, he said this about the ongoing witch hunts against him:

"I am their #1 target, but I am proud to be fighting for you, and I'm going to be fighting for you a long time."

In May 2017 speech, Mr. Trump promised, "I will never stop fighting for the American people." And he hasn't. This latest witch hunt over "classified documents" is bound to fail — just like all the others. The Russia hoax, Bogus Impeachment #1, Bogus Impeachment #2 and January 6th are all FAKE NEWS.

Over the past two months, Grassfire has reported extensively about the FBI and Department of "Justice" investigating, harassing and even raiding the homes of America's 45th Commander-in-Chief and his associates. The bias in favor of Democrats and against Republicans in Washington, D.C.'s two-tiered justice system is undeniable AND unacceptable!

These ongoing attacks and political persecution are the tactics of third-world dictators in banana republics. They have NO PLACE in the United States of America! This has to stop... NOW! "America First" patriots MUST make their voices heard in the halls of Congress.

Do you think it's time for GOP Reps and Senators to stand with America's 45th president against the Biden Regime? If so, Grassfire is empowering team members, like you, to make their voices heard. You can demand Congress take action to stop the attacks on President Trump and MAGA Republicans.

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President Trump condemned the August 8th FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago as "prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don't want me to run for President in 2024." If you agree, sign the national petition now!

Joe Biden and his regime members are engaging in tactics typical of tyrannical, third-world dictatorships! America's democratic republic was formed and founded to STOP political targeting and attacks like the ones conservatives have experienced from the Biden AND Obama regimes!

Republicans in Congress and "America First" patriots across this great nation need to push back against this outrageous political persecution of our 45th president. That's why Grassfire is empowering and encouraging EVERY team member to immediately contact key members of the House and Senate to demand they "Stop Trump Attacks!" ADD YOUR NAME NOW.

The United States is witnessing the most outrageous and shocking political attacks by one administration against political opponents in half a century -- if not longer! Mr. Biden and his ilk want to destroy MAGA and Donald Trump! Listen to them. Believe them. Then, click here to demand GOP Senators and Reps take action to stop them. Thanks, in advance, for taking action tonight.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Again, Joe Biden is escalating his third-world, banana-republic attacks against President Trump and tens of millions of his supporters. Fight against the Biden Regime's hateful and dangerous rhetoric and support President Trump! Click here or on the banner below to sign the national petition to "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" now: