Sign The National Petition To "Stop The Invasion!"

BORDER CRISIS ALERT: Illegal border crossings continue to skyrocket -- with no end in sight! Grassfire appreciates your willingness to take a position on the surge of more than SIX MILLION illegal aliens streaming across America's southern border. If you agree that Congress should take action to "Stop The Invasion!", we're giving you the opportunity to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.

Patriotic Americans need to speak up and tell GOP lawmakers in our nation's capital to force Joe's Regime and the D.C. Uni-Party to protect the United States' safety, sovereignty and way of life. You can do that by adding your name to the national petition calling on Congress to "Stop The Invasion!"

Simply complete the form below to sign, and Grassfire will deliver your petition and thousands of others to Senate leaders after we reach 25,000 signatures. If you think America's leaders need to take bold, decisive action to stop illegal immigration, please add your name to the national "Stop The Invasion!" petition now!

The petition states:

As a concerned, tax-paying American citizen, I'm adding my name to the national "Stop The Invasion!" petition.

  • I'm calling on lawmakers to take strong, immediate action to stop the flow of illegal aliens across our nation's southern border.
  • I oppose all forms of illegal immigration and demand that our nation uphold the laws for legal entry into our country to stop the current border crisis.
  • I demand that the Biden administration and Congress take immediate action to complete the wall along America's southern border and implement other measures to stop the flow of illegal aliens.
  • I call on the Senate and the White House to support and pass H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023.

This current crisis amounts to an illegal INVASION that threatens America's sovereignty, culture, security and way of life. Please note, I am monitoring your response to this crisis.

23,408 signatures so far. Help us get to 25,000