Republican Senators stood strong and stayed united, beating back another attempted election takeover by Democrats yesterday. The controversial "voting rights" bill S.2747 (called "The Freedom to Cheat Act" by the GOP) didn't receive the required 60 votes in the Upper Chamber to continue debate.

Now, Capitol Hill lawmakers are re-focusing their attention on Joe Biden's $5-trillion SPENDING SCAM. Every Senate Republican opposes "Phase 2" of the progressive, wish-list legislation, and so do two Democrats: Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Both "moderate" Senators say the bill's $3.5-trillion (or more) price tag is too high. For refusing to support a superhighway to socialism, they're being vilified by the radical, unhinged Left and FAKE NEWS. The Atlantic reported yesterday:

The wig-wearing triathlete senator from Arizona has quickly become one of the most hated figures in present-day American politics. She’s blocking her own party's agenda; she's shutting down questions from reporters; she's schmoozing with lobbyists and jetting off to Europe.

"Wig-wearing"? Who cares? What The Atlantic doesn't say in that paragraph is Sen. Sinema has been harassed in public bathrooms and on airplanes for her unwillingness to bend (or break). Also, it's patently unfair to call her "one of the most hated figures in present-day American politics." The Arizona Democrat is GAINING fans on the Right and Center for her resolve.

Sen. Manchin has faced his own share of vitriol from leftists and Establishment Media. National Public Radio reported today that the West Virginia Senator had offered to leave the Democrat Party if he became an "embarrassment" to his colleagues. NPR quotes Manchin as saying:

"I said, me being a moderate centrist Democrat — if that causes you a problem, let me know and I'd switch to be independent," he told Capitol Hill reporters Thursday.

He added that "no one accepted" his offer and that even if he switched parties, he would still caucus with Democrats.

Manchin has said he COULD support $1.5 trillion in new spending. That's better than $3.5 trillion but still awful in the eyes of conservatives. Sinema has shown an unwillingness to negotiate and wants the "Phase 1," $1.2-trillion "infrastructure" bill signed into law ASAP. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other far-Left Democrats in the Lower Chamber are refusing to move that legislation forward unless the $3.5-trillion in progressive, wish-list spending is passed at the same time.

The pressure on Sinema and Manchin to give in to their colleagues' demands has been building for months. But those two Democrat Senators can save America from socialism. That's why we're asking Grassfire team members what they think. Please cast your vote in our "Sinema & Manchin" QuickPoll below:

YES! I support the principled stances of Sen. Sinema and Sen. Manchin.

NO! I do NOT support the obstruction by Sen. Sinema and Sen. Manchin.

+ + The Democrats' "Infrastructure Plan" Is A HUGE $5-Trillion SPENDING SCAM!

Spearheaded by far-Left Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the $3.5-trillion bill for "human infrastructure," "election infrastructure," "climate infrastructure," etc. is a HUGE Democrat wish-list of progressive, pork spending. EVERY GOP Senator is against THAT legislation, but there's almost NOTHING they can do to stop it.

Through a process called "budget reconciliation," that legislative monstrosity can be passed with ZERO REPUBLICAN SUPPORT. Because Kamala Harris holds the tie-breaking vote in the 50-50 Senate, America could descend into full-blown socialism without a single GOP vote!

Radical Democrats are on record promoting paid leave, childcare, "caregiving," police accountability, election "reform," affordable housing, fighting "climate change" and even packing the Supreme Court as "infrastructure." To progressives, "infrastructure" is whatever they say it is. The Unhinged Left is trying to use trillions of taxpayer dollars to build a super highway to socialism. 

Do you support Sinema's and Manchin's stand against their Democrat colleagues? Right now, they're the key to stopping this great nation from becoming "The Socialist States of America." Please vote "YES!" or "NO!" in our "Sinema & Manchin" QuickPoll now. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Please note that our polls are not scientific, nor are they meant to endorse any candidate or official position. They're for informational purposes only.


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