Grassfire has found more shocking information related to Americans who have and have not received the COVID vaccine. Yesterday, we told you how nearly 40% of U.S. Marines are declining "the jab." (Go here.) Today, we want to share the surprising results of a recent Economist/YouGov poll that surveyed 1,500 Americans earlier this month about the pandemic.

More than half (54%) of vaccinated people are STILL WORRIED about contracting coronavirus. But, of the 25% of Americans who don't plan to be immunized, a staggering 74% say they're NOT WORRIED about catching COVID-19.

Also, only 29% of those who have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine think it's safe to travel. But more than half (51%) of the anti-"jab" crowd DO think it's OK to move about the country.

Based on this huge divide in attitudes toward the pandemic, should federal and state governments make coronavirus immunization a requirement for work, school, sporting events, shopping, etc.? Or would forcing Americans to carry vaccination cards violate constitutional freedoms and patient-privacy rights?

What do you think? Are COVID-vaccine passports a gateway to freedom -- or tyranny? Please make your voice heard in Grassfire's one-question QuickPoll by going here. Or, with just one click, say "Yes!" or "No!" to mandating vaccination cards. Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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Half of vaccine rejectors believe it is safe to travel now, compared to 29% of vaccinated adults (YouGov)