Yesterday, we shared the story of two high school football players in Ohio who were suspended, basically, for being patriotic and supporting first responders -- on September 11th! The boys ran onto the field before their game Friday night carrying Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags.

WKRC-TV in Cincinnati says their web article about the boys' actions and subsequent suspension from the team received a massive response: "At one point, the story was getting 1,000 views a minute. ... Now, about a million people have viewed the story."

With all the hate that law enforcement currently faces from the radical Left, the school district's decision to allow the players to honor police and firefighters should have been an easy one. It wasn't, so local officials encountered a backlash of criticism.

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Tuesday p.m.

More than 400 first responders lost their lives when they ran into the burning buildings of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Most Americans would think that kind of selfless heroism deserves to be honored and remembered, especially by today's youth.

Unfortunately, that's apparently not what some school administrators in Ohio think. They temporarily suspended two high school football players for running onto the field this past Friday with Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags.

The boys did it as a tribute to fallen police officers and firefighters on the 19th anniversary of the terror attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. One of the players, whose father is an Ohio police officer, told a local TV station that he did it to "honor the people (who) lost their lives 19 years ago." The other suspended player's dad is a firefighter.

WKRC-TV in Cincinnati reports: "(T) the boys had asked the school [for] permission prior to the game and they were denied and told if they defied the order, there would be consequences."

School officials say they "saw the flags as symbols of a political point of view and didn’t want to set a precedent." We're not sure about you, but Grassfire thinks honoring police officers and firefighters, especially on 9/11, sets a great precedent.

On Monday afternoon, the boys received an indefinite suspension from the team. But, thankfully, they were reinstated the next day.

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Football players suspended from team for carrying Thin Blue, Thin Red lines flags at game (WKRC-TV)