puzzled by this...

We're puzzled.

We thought conservatives were concerned about debt and deficits and runaway spending.

But based on what our team members are telling us, we're not sure...

So we're asking...


Does runaway government spending and debt matter to you any more? If you think we must stop government spending, click HERE or on the YES graphic. If you no longer care about debt and deficits, click here or on the NO graphic:

GOP leaders think you've abandoned this issue.

Are they right?


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  • Vince Boyer
    commented 2019-07-29 20:27:37 -0400
    The nation is currently bankrupt. We keep printing money when we can’t pay our bills. If any of us had the debt to revenue level America has, we would be homeless. If we don’t stop spending, balance our budget and start paying down the debt now, the solution in the future will make the depression look like a luxury vacation.