Grassfire staff members were shocked to learn this morning that HALF of Americans surveyed think President Trump should have been indicted for alleged hush-money payments. The surprising, new ABC News/Ipsos poll indicates 50% of participants believe America's 45th Commander-in-Chief should have been charged with a crime, while 33% disagreed and 17% replied "don't know."

The good news is that many polls are close to worthless these days. Pollsters can over-sample Democrats (versus Republicans and Independents) to get the results they want. They also can survey more young people than old, and they can stop polling when they reach the desired result. And who can forget that most polls in 2016 indicated Hillary Clinton would easily beat Mr. Trump.

The bad news is that if these numbers ARE accurate, the brainwashing of everyday Americans by the radical, unhinged Left, "woke" mob and FAKE NEWS is worse than anyone thought! Since the indictment became public last week, legal experts have blasted the case as "highly dubious," "legally pathetic" and "a blatantly political prosecution" -- just to share a few reactions.

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ABC News/Ipsos poll

Half of Americans believe Trump deserved to be indicted in Stormy Daniels hush-money case: poll (New York Post)