President Trump is calling on governors to help the Lone Star State defend America's southern border. Grassfire staff received an email from his campaign late yesterday afternoon. In it, the 45th Commander-in-Chief accused Joe of surrendering the U.S.-Mexico border and allowing "a massive Invasion of millions of Illegal Migrants" that "continues unchecked." He also wrote:

In the face of this National Security, Public Safety, and Public Health Catastrophe, Texas has rightly invoked the Invasion Clause of the Constitution, and must be given full support to repel the Invasion. We encourage all willing States to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent the entry of Illegals, and to remove them back across the Border. All Americans should support the commonsense measures by Texas authorities to protect the Safety, Security, and Sovereignty of Texas, and of the American people.

Do you agree with President Trump? Is Joe's Regime "fighting to tie the hands" of Governor Gregg Abbott and other border states trying to stop the flow of illegal aliens? We want to know if you stand with Texas today. Please make your voice heard now by voting in our new, one-question QuickPoll.

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If you support the state of Texas' right to defend its people and property against Joe's illegal-alien invasion, click here or on the "YES!" button below. If you think the Lone Star State is overreacting to the border crisis, click here or on the "NO!" button below:


After voting, please forward this message to your friends and family members. We want to know what they think, too. We'll share the results after reaching 10,000 responses. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard today in Grassfire's new "Stand With Texas?" QuickPoll.

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Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States