Israel has long claimed that Hamas and other terror groups use hospitals, schools, and other public locations as "cover" to plan and carry out their violent attacks. Sadly, radical jihadists are known for using innocent men, women and children as "human shields." CBN News reports:

"The Israel Defense Forces found an operational terror-tunnel shaft on the grounds of the Shifa Hospital. Israel has been asserting that tunnels under the hospital are part of Hamas' terror-command center. ...

"'They were very well prepared, and where they are hiding all this equipment is in a hospital, a place that's supposed to be for humanitarian aid. They have all this evil hidden here,' said one unnamed IDF soldier."

Despite this recent discovery, many far-leftists (including most of the liberal news media), reject Israel's right to take action against terror threats. Even the "puppet president" has begun calling for the failed "two-state solution," rather than letting Israel handle its own affairs by annihilating Hamas.

What do you think about the Israel-Hamas war? Does America's strongest ally in the Middle East have a right to defend itself by detroying the terror group? Or do you think Israel is being too heavy handed in its response to Hamas?

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America's greatest ally in the Middle East is under attack by more than Hamas terrorists. Israel continues to face threats and criticism for the Jewish state's response to last month's barbarism that claimed "around 1,200" lives in Israel -- including at least 33 Americans. Some 240 people are still being held hostage.

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