The Bob Mueller "show" today was one of the most amazing acts of political theatre I have ever witnessed.

+ + Mueller pours gas on impeachment fire...

Mueller all but gave Nancy Pelosi her marching orders to immediately pursue impeachment of President Donald Trump. He basically said he wasn't allowed by either federal law or Justice Department policy to pursue a criminal case of obstruction against Trump, but wanted to clarify for all that the bulk of his report was designed to lay out a case of obstruction!

And on that note, Mueller wants to wash his hands of the whole matter and sail off into the sunset of retirement -- with James Comey and the rest of the Coup Gang who are doing everything in their power to undermine this President.


So what are we to learn from today's Mueller show...

More investigations are coming. And a crushing push for impeachment is coming. The Deep State and the Swamp will not stop until this President is tarred and feathered, and most likely formally impeached. And now they can start to make a "bi-partisan" claim with GOP Rep. Justin Amash now openly calling for impeachment.

+ + A mighty band of patriots...

Against such forces, here we stand, a band of patriotic citizens joined together by our common desire to see liberty and limited government re-established in our land. Did you know that Grassfire is one of the largest and most active networks of patriotic, grassroots Americans in the nation? I just checked the numbers and in just the past 30 days, through the Grassfire team we've seen:

  • 223,904 citizen engagements on issues;
  • 30,642 petitions signed;
  • 42,225 faxes sent by our team members to Congress;
  • and 24,233 NEW MEMBERS joined the team!

We did more and grew more in one month than many organizations accomplish in a year! But we must do even more because it's going to take a grassroots counter-insurgency to stop the cries for impeachment from winning the day.

I'm turning to you for help. I must expand Grassfire NOW to rally and network patriots for this battle. But we are short of our budgeted goal for the second month in a row -- at a time when we want to GROW Grassfire and EXPAND to meet the challenges that are coming against our liberties.

Simply put, we need about $10,000 in support between now and the end of the month to keep us on track. It's a pittance compared to what the Far Left is spending to destroy liberty, but we can do a lot with your contribution of $20, $30, $50 or more.

Every dollar will help.

If you believe in the work of Grassfire, will you help me meet this critical $10,000 need so we can stand at the center of the fight to make our nation great again? Go here:

If you can help with a contribution of $20 or more, we'll send you two copies of one of my favorite ReStickers that says HE WON, GET OVER IT! Most importantly, you have my commitment that we are working to build the best Grassfire possible so you can have a greater impact on these key issues affecting our families and our nation.

Will you help Grassfire today so we can fight for your liberties tomorrow?

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for the stand you are taking for liberty!

Steve Elliott